The child-friendly films you’ll actually love to watch this Christmas

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A rundown of the family films showing during the festive season that you’ll genuinely enjoy!

Christmas is the perfect time to watch some classic feel good films. Sadly, Love Actually isn’t appropriate for children so what are the movies that you can watch with the kids that are bearable for an older audience?

Here’s a rundown of some of the films on TV this Christmas that you can actually enjoy as a family...


Showing on Christmas Day on BBC One at 3:10pm.

This Pixar cartoon film is surprisingly great. With an incredible soundtrack and a genuinely interesting storyline, this movie sets a high bar for cartoon movies. The main character, a young boy Miguel who aspires to be a musician enters the land of the dead and must find his way back to his family before the night is over. The film teaches children about the importance of family and the culture in Mexico surrounding the day of the dead. This may seem like a macabre theme for a children’s film but the plot is really strong and has great plot twists and drama that all of the family members will love.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 

Showing on Christmas Day on Channel 4 at 5:30pm.

This classic movie is every child’s dream, an all expense paid trip to New York eating pizzas in limousines and visiting luxury toy shops. This classic 90’s Christmas movie stands the test of time and the fact that it’s a sequel doesn’t stop it from being a fantastic stand alone movie.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Showing on Christmas Day on Channel 5 at 3:10pm.

This classic movie starring Dick Van Dyke is gracing our screens. Although many of us will probably remember being frightened by the child snatcher as children, the film is most definitely child-friendly and has just enough nostalgia and wonder to enjoy as an adult.

The Sound of Music

Showing on Sunday 27th December at 3:45pm.

This Julie Andrews classic although dated, stands the test of time and appeals to a younger audience through its soundtrack and bright, scenic imagery. For the older audience there is of course the nostalgia attached to this film, plus the unforgettable backdrop of Austria and the adorable romance between Maria and Captain Von Trapp (who you’ll now notice is very good looking and not at all the old father figure you remember from youth).


Showing on New Year’s Day on Channel 4 at 5:05pm.

This film not only has an amazing cast (Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro, Claire Daines, Henry Cavill, Michelle Pfiffer just to name a few) but also has a genuinely great storyline. Presented in a fairytale-style fantasy setting the film depicts Shakespearian themes of power, royal lineage, magic and deceit alongside swashbuckling sword fighting and an epic love story . This hidden gem is suitable for children and will have you wondering how one film can manage to be a children's, rom-com, fantasy, period, coming of age story all at once and still be a great watch for the whole family.