Support pours in for Eamonn Holmes on social media after ‘idiotic’ and ‘cruel’ Gogglebox edit leaves him ‘deeply upset’

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We’re used to seeing Eamonn Holmes and wife Ruth sharing a joke on our TV screens, their light-hearted banter the very reason the pair are one of the most-loved celebrity couples in the UK.

We’re used to seeing Eamonn Holmes and wife Ruth sharing a joke on our TV screens, their light-hearted banter the very reason the pair are one of the most-loved celebrity couples in the UK. 

However filming Fridays night’s Celebrity Gogglebox saw a different side to the This Morning host, when he candidly discussed his father’s death while the celebrities watched an episode of BBC’s Ambulance. It was an emotional moment that had wife Ruth in tears. 

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However, rather than broadcast the scene, Channel 4 instead played a clip of Eamonn and Ruth later sharing some lighthearted chatter about when Ruth was in labour with the couple’s son, Jack. 

"All I can say is, when your contractions started, when you had Jack, I don't like signing my own praises, but thank goodness I was the ambulance that day, I got you there and in the nick of time," Eamonn told Ruth on screen. 

"You got me there because I was giving you directions and then when we stopped at that roundabout, and I looked at you in the middle of a contraction and I went: 'You don't know which way to go, do you?' And you didn't," added Ruth.

After seeing the show, Eamonn was furious with the edit - and that other celebrities were able to share their stories, while his emotional speech was missing.

He wrote, 'In reply to a number of complaints .... I am hurt beyond belief that @C4Gogglebox chose not to use me talking about my Father dying from a Heart Attack at the side of a road and replace it with a funny story following a young lad giving his Father CPR . Idiotic and cruel edit.'

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Eamonn's fans showed up in full force to defend him, agreeing that the edit felt 'weird'.

One wrote, 'I actually said to my family 'this feels like a weird edit, his tone completely changed, I don't think Eamonn would start talking about that straight after something so emotional'... the producer in me spotted it. Both Ruth & yourself come across brilliantly reguardless.'

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While another said, 'I know the tragic story of your dad's passing well having heard it from yourself and John Linehan. You called me personally when my dad passed. You are a good man Sir. Silly editing won't change the real you.'

A third wrote, 'The programme portrayed you as showing no compassion which is totally not you, terrible editing and I’m sure causing unnecessary upset and distress for you! Take care Eamonn and I do hope you receive a public apology. x'

The incident has caused some backlash against Channel 4 and the Gogglebox show, with many tweeting their outrage directly.

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Eamonn himself closed the discussion last night with a tweet thanking his supporters.

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'Thank you everyone for seeing what happened tonight. Just awful that it did and that I have had to explain. Anyone who works in The Ambulance Service or who has experienced the impact of Sudden Death will understand. I now need to put my phone down. Goodnight' he wrote.

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