‘I saw my brothers, saw my father, I saw my son’ Alison Hammond emotionally speaks out on Black Lives Matter

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  • Alison Hammond was left in tears during Tuesday’s episode of This Morning after discussing Black Lives Matter.

    Following George Floyd’s tragic death, Alison Hammond admitted she saw her family members in his place.

    Opening up, Alison said, “I am a mother to a 15-year-old Black boy, so, sorry, when I saw that image of George Floyd I saw my brothers, saw my father, I saw my son, I saw anybody’s son.

    “I was disgusted to my core and it hurt me to the pit of my stomach to think this is 2020 and we’re seeing that.”

    Alison went on to discuss the importance of the movement, telling viewers that racism had been going on “forever”.

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    She added, “I believe this movement, Black Lives Matter, is so wonderful and important, and when I see my White and Asian brothers and sisters stand by us they understand what we are going through as a Black people.

    “Don’t think I am trying to offend by saying Black people, if you are offended by this then you need to look into yourself.

    “Just appeal to your basic goodness, it’s not about all lives matter, it’s about how when Black lives matter then all lives will matter, you understand?”

    The presenter also offered advice on how people can educate themselves during Blackout Tuesday and beyond.

    She said, “Read more, educate yourself, help Black businesses, help the economical way that can come up.”

    Recently, a petition was made calling for books about racism to be added to the GCSE reading list.

    Alison went on to say, “We grow up with it and get used to it, but ultimately it does have an effect on your mental health.

    “When I see those images of George Floyd, especially when he’s lying on the floor dead that has an effect deeply on my mental health.”

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