‘I’d like one more child but Greg’s happy with two’ Billie Faiers talks babies and buying new house

Billie Faiers admits she wants more children but husband Greg is happy with the two they've got.
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  • The pair, who have filmed an incredible seven series of The Mummy Diaries with sister Sam Faiers, are embarking on a whole new chapter as they venture into new waters to completely revamp a new house they’ve bought.

    And whilst they’re currently too busy to think about having another baby, Billie, 30, hasn’t ruled out getting pregnant again in the future.

    She said, ‘At the moment we’re both happy with two. We’re so busy and we’ve got the house renovation. In the future I’d definitely [like more], whereas Greg is like, ‘I’m happy with two!’ I’d like one more, but we’ll see what happens,’ said Billie in an interview with New! Magazine.

    And when asked whether she’d prefer a boy or girl, Billie replied, ‘We really don’t mind because we’ve got one of each.’

    Billie and Greg have daughter Nelly, five and Arthur aged three, and have just bought a new house and fans of the show will be treated to a sneak peek at their new venture.

    What has Billie Faiers been up to?

    The former TOWIE star said, ‘So much has happened in the past five months. We’ve bought a house and we’ll be doing a massive renovation. At the end of the series you’ll see us getting the keys. It’s a huge project for us. It’s got to be completely gutted.’

    There had previously been tensions between Billie and sister Sam, when Sam revealed she was moving out of Essex to Hertfordshire and then Surrey but with Billie’s new move, the Shepherds are still going to be close to Nelly’s school.

    And it looks like Nelly is keen to branch out of the showbiz world and into tasty treats, as mum Billie revealed, ‘At the moment Nelly wants to be an ice cream lady, so I’m fully supportive of that.’