Channel 4 viewers in tears after pupil makes heartbreaking confession

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  • On Thursday night, Channel 4 aired the first episode of The School That Tried To End Racism, and viewers were emotional after a very heartbreaking confession.

    The two-part docuseries focuses on dismantling racism, where pupils from Glenthorne High School in London were filmed discussing difficult subjects like white privilege and identity.

    It also explored whether or not ethnicity could give you an unfair advantage over your peers.

    But one moment stood out to viewers, where pupil Farrah opened up about her self-image as someone who is half Sri-Lankan, half-white.

    Speaking to her classmates, she revealed, “I used to look at magazines and it was just all beautiful, white women at the front, on the covers. They were always white.

    Farrah added, “I just always thought, ‘I’m not pretty’. I just thought, the only way to be pretty is to be white.”

    One of the school’s teachers watched the scene from another room, and revealed, “I want to go in and hug them.”

    Farrah’s confession really resonated with viewers, with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

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    One wrote, ‘I feel for Farrah who associated whiteness with being pretty – it’s still a big issue that is only heightened by things like skin whitening products.’

    Another added, ‘Such an interesting programme #TheSchoolThatTriedToEndRacism Farrah associating whiteness with being pretty..urgh I felt that.’

    Channel 4 The School That Tried to End Racism

    Farrah and her classmate Dora. (Credit: Channel 4)

    A third wrote, ‘Farrah saying she didn’t believe she was pretty because she wasn’t white, was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen’

    And a fourth added, ‘Almost in tears, just want to give Farrah a hug!’

    Speaking about the series, Channel 4’s Alf Lawrie said, “This brave series tackles head-on the issue of unconscious racial bias. Its important findings apply beyond just schools, to society at large.”

    The School That Tried To End Racism continues at 9pm on 2nd July on Channel 4.

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