Study reveals which Disney Princess parents think is the best role model

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  • A study has revealed which Disney Princesses parents think are the best role models.

    Most of our little ones grow up following the stories of the many Disney Princesses, just like we all did when we were young.

    And with all that time spent on our kids’ TV screens the group of princesses are bound to have an influence our little ones.

    So it’s no surprise that parents have decided who they do and don’t think are good role models out of all the Disney Princesses.

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    A study by Save On Energy Beauty and the Beast’s Belle has been crowned the Queen of Disney Princess role models.

    Loved for her intelligence, awareness of the environment and curious, determined and charismatic personality, the yellow-gown adorned French village girl was voted as a good role model by 85 per cent of parents in the study.

    Following closely behind was Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine, who 81 per cent of parents voted for as good role model for her intelligence, honesty, independence, courage, generosity and good humour.

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    Credit: Save On Energy

    Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog came third with 77 per cent of votes, for her hardworking, focused, careful, determined, intelligent and inspiring personality.

    Coming at the bottom of the list was Tangled’s Rapunzel with only 44 per cent of votes as, although some parents thought she was optimistic, energetic, caring, passionate and adventurous, others labelled her dramatic, vain and carefree.

    Merida from Brave came just above Rapunzel with 48 per cent of votes, as parents were more swayed by the witty, feisty and rebellious parts of her personality than her confidence, drive and resourcefulness.

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    Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora also came relatively low down on the list as only 51 per cent of parents voted her a good role model for her charming, graceful and curious personality while other identified her lazy and unfocused.

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