The very best films and TV shows to watch on Disney+ that the whole family will love

We can't wait to watch!
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  • At the moment, we're all finding ourselves spending much more time inside than usual.

    For families, finding ways to entertain the kids inside can be tricky. With excitable, energetic children, sometimes board games just won’t cut it! But with Disney+, the brand new Disney streaming platform, it might just be that little bit easier to keep your little’un’s entertained.

    Disney+ has just launched, and is an streaming service where viewers can watch the very best offerings from Disney, as well as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic (all owned by Disney).

    Experience Disney+ with a 7-day free trial, and then pay just £5.99 a month – kick-start your subscription here.

    As well as being perfect for little ones, the films and TV shows on the platform mean it’s brilliant for adults too – if you ever get a chance to take a look with the kids around!

    The service allows viewers to watch their favourites from just about anywhere – you can stream from your TV, or enjoy it on your laptop or phone. And, you can even stream to four screens at once – perfect if the kiddos are getting more than a little restless during the day away from school, and you just want to relax…

    Wondering what to watch then?

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    1) Classic animated Disney films

    Beauty and the Beast

    Similar, Disney+ offer both the original version of the film, from 1991, and the more recent live-action, which was released in 2017, for subscribers.

    All together now – ‘Tale as old as time’…

    101 Dalmatians

    For those who want to use their Disney+ subscription to watch some classic Disney films, this is a perfect first one to start with.

    Featuring the wickedly mean Cruella DeVill, desperate to steal away the dalmatians for her own sinister purposes, it’s a delightfully fun watch. It was released in 1996, so lockdown is a great chance to introduce it to any of your younger kids who may not have seen it yet either!

    Aladdin – both versions!

    Disney+ gives you the chance to experience both versions of Agrabah, with both the 1992 animated version of the film and the 2019 live-action on the platform.

    Question is – which one will you watch first?

    2) Fast-paced Marvel films

    Disney+ has almost every Marvel film ever released on the platform, bar a few (such as Spiderman: Homecoming, which was produced by a different studio), but the remaining few will be on there later in the year.

    But the one most have been looking forward to?

    Avengers: Endgame

    The culmination of the superhero franchise, this is sure to be a highlight of the Disney+ platform, with the Avengers all re-assembling in order to defeat their ultimate enemy, Thanos.

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    3) Star Wars classics – and the new TV show

    You can watch every Star Wars movie from the 1977 A New Hope, all the way through The Last Jedi, which was released in 2017, on the new Disney+ platform. The newer films will be coming later on. Fabulous news for fans!

    But our pick for the most exciting Star Wars watch on the platform is…

    The Mandalorian

    The Mandalorian was one of the most highly anticipated exclusive shows from the new Disney+ service, and it seems it’s not disappointed fans so far!

    Based in the Star Wars world, it follows the travels of a lone bounty hunter. With eight episodes, it’s surely enough for one evening’s self-isolation…

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    After her father was taken by the Empire, Jyn joins a group of resistance fighters who are attempting to steal the blueprints of the Death Star. It’s the first of the recent Star Wars standalone films, released in 2016.

    4) Every episode of The Simpsons!

    On Disney+, you can watch every episode of The Simpsons ever, for all 20+ series on the hit cartoon comedy. No more waiting around for the episodes to pop up on Sky One…

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    5) Modern classics and remakes

    Lady and the Tramp 2020

    While the original animated version of the film is on the platform, most users have been looking forward to the Disney+ release of the brand new live-action Lady and the Tramp. Starring Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson as the voices of the live action Lady, and live action Tramp, it’s a lovely watch that the whole family will enjoy. Utterly adorable and scarily realistic…


    Because whose child doesn’t love Moana? If your child is a devoted fan, Disney+ is a way for them to easily get their fix.

    Incredibles 2

    The sequel to the smash-hit film, which came out in 2018. The family are now completely open about their superhero abilities, to hilarious and disastrous consequences…

    6)  Pixar’s entire back-catalogue

    Toy Story – and Forky Asks a Question

    If you want to watch Forky’s origin story as it were, the Toy Story films from 1 – 4 are ready and waiting for you on Disney+.

    But for those little’uns who loved the new character of Forky, Forky Asks a Question is here.

    It sees Forky, the loveable spoon/fork, asks his friends different questions about life, which means appearances by some well-recognised characters, such as Rex the toy dinosaur. The questions are simple, and range from the practical, ‘What is money?’, to the more altrustic ‘What is love?’. An entertaining watch.

    Finding Dory

    The sequel to the smash hit Finding Nemo (which is also on the platform), we can’t wait to re-watch Finding Dory, as the lovable but forgettable fish goes on a mission to find her family.

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    7) Enjoy those old school ’90s movies

    There’s a huge archive of 90s films that are brilliantly nostalgic – and that you may not have even known were Disney!

    Look forward to the likes of Cool Runnings, Hocus Pocus, and Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (which is 1989, but close enough).

    Freak Friday

    Everyone’s favourite Lindsay Lohan movie, right? Disney+ gives us another chance to delve into weird world of body swapping, when mum Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) and daughter Anna (Lindsay Lohan) both inhabit each other’s bodies – learning something valuable about one another in the process…

    10 Things I Hate About You

    If you ever get a chance to watch with the kids likely taking over, the 1999 classic starring the Heath Ledger is one of our favourites at GoodtoKnow.