Eamonn Holmes explains why Prince Charles doesn't trust him - and it's totally relatable

Prince Charles, Eamonn Holmes and Duchess Camilla
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Eamonn Holmes has explained why he believes Prince Charles doesn't trust him and it's totally relatable.

  • Eamonn Holmes claims he isn't trusted by Prince Charles after he once broke Royal protocol and kissed his wife Duchess Camilla.
  • The former This Morning presenter is now the co-host of GB News breakfast show and revealed his awkward run-in with the Prince of Wales.
  • This royal news (opens in new tab) comes as the Queen’s big ‘concerns’ about Kate Middleton before she and Prince William married.

Eamonn Holmes believes Prince Charles doesn't trust him after he had had several encounters with his wife Duchess Camilla in 'peculiar places'.

While Eamonn, 62, has been happily married to Ruth Langsford for 12 years, the self-confessed 'outrageous flirt' who made headlines in 2014 when he broke royal protocol by embracing Camilla, caused a stir among royalty when he breached rules in 2018 when he went to kiss her.

And it's thought that Prince Charles is wary of Eamonn, as the former This Morning host, who quit the show to work at GB News (opens in new tab), explains why to the Belfast Telegraph.

He said, "I have had the opportunity to meet Camilla privately at functions on a number of occasions. She is approachable and incredibly friendly. Not only that, she’s a darn good laugh.

"As I keep telling her, she is my favourite royal, though I’m not sure what her husband makes of that," Eamonn confessed.

Eamonn and Camilla bumped into each other at Sky HQ in London in 2014 and Camilla admitted, "We always meet in peculiar places."

Eamonn replied: "That's enough of that."

This prompted Prince Charles to poke fun at his flirty exchanges and, he asked Eamonn, "Where have you been with my wife?"

Eamonn Holmes and Duchess Camilla

LONDON - NOVERMBER 9: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall speaks to TV presenter Eamonn Holmes during a function at the Irish Embassy on November 9, 2010 in London. (Photo by Arthur Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Four years later, Eamonn greeted Camilla by giving her a kiss when she visited the ITV Daytime (opens in new tab) studios with Charles.

Speaking about his relationship with his wife Ruth Langsford, who is stepmother to his children (opens in new tab) and mother to his son Jack, Eamonn gushed, "I'm an outrageous flirt, but we're safe as houses. We could not be happier, or more secure, in our marriage."

Eamonn previously revealed that he believed Duchess Camilla tunes in to watch him on TV, he said, 'I know Camilla does watch a lot of TV so it's nice to know they actually know who we are."

To which Ruth interjected, "Do you think she watches you personally?"

And Eamonn confidently replied, "I know she watches me, I know she does."

You can watch a clip of Prince Charles and Camilla's ITV visit in the video below and see Eamonn go in to kiss Camilla...


Crikey, after that, we can see why Prince Charles might not trust Eamonn but she shouldn't be worried, he is the one who is next in line to the throne.