Eamonn Holmes makes huge announcement on This Morning having been ‘in tears’ after ‘tough week’

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  • Eamonn Holmes made a huge announcement on This Morning today after enduring a "tough week".

    Eamonn left viewers on tenterhooks as he teased “very important and personal” news all morning on the ITV chat show after hinting at a big secret on social media last night, months after he and wife Ruth were axed from their Friday slot on This Morning.

    Can u keep a secret? Got something to tell u at 11 am on Wednesday’s #ThisMorning,’ he wrote beside a photo of him with his finger over his mouth. 

    When the moment finality rolled around, Eamonn, who has been enduring chronic back pain lately, told viewers, “Now folks there is something I want to talk to you about today. It has been a tough year for everybody – and it has been a tough week for me. I do not like complaining but I have been in a lot of pain.

    “It has not been a good time and I have been in tears. And I have been in tears again here.”

    Eamonn went on to confirm the fantastic news that his son Declan is set to become a father.

    “Declan, my eldest boy, and Jenny, his partner, have announced that I will be a grandparent.

    “Can you seriously believe that I would be a grandpa? I am far too young.

    “I will get the catering all organised for the christening. I am very happy. I did not think I would be so happy. I got so emotional about it. I am so young and vibrant, and maybe it was because I’ve had a dour week. What lovely news.”

    This Morning fans quickly took to social media to share their reactions, with many admitting they were expecting Eamonn to announce his retirement or share some bad health news.

    ‘Had the tv on pause…so pleased it’s good news from Eamonn I was worried what the announcement was going to be. Congratulations “Grandad Eamonn”, I’m sure he’ll make a lovely grandad too,’ one penned on Twitter. 

    Well I was completely wrong thinking Eamonn was leaving #ThisMorning. Glad it was such nice personal news,’ another added. 

    I can’t believe Eamonn Holmes just built up an announcement on #ThisMorning so seriously as if he was leaving the show or unwell… just to say he’s going to be a grandad,’ a third fan wrote. 

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