Eamonn Holmes opens up about health battle as he reaches out for help on social media

Eamonn Holmes, who opened up about his chronic pain on Twitter recently

Eamonn Holmes has opened up about his health battle as he reached out to Twitter users for help. 

Eamonn Holmes took to social media in the early hours of the morning to ask for advice from his one million followers on Twitter.

The This Morning presenter has previously admitted he is 'not a well man' after struggling at the beginning of the year with the toll of lockdown and persistent toothache.

This time, he took to Twitter to share his frustration at not being able to sleep, writing, 'In that Twilight Zone between Night time and Morning. Anyone else find these Hours the worst.... particularly if you suffer Chronic pain?'.

He also admitted that the 'night is worse' and he feels there is 'no escape' from the pain he is suffering.

Fans were quick to share their own stories and advice with Eamonn, as the presenter chatted with his followers over the course of the early morning.

One fan said that they could relate to the broadcasting star as they have 'an illness that mirrors MS, which causes neuropathy and is very uncomfortable'. To this, Eamonn replied, 'I just want people who suffer to know there are others and maybe they can talk to each other and swap advice on here?'.

As another described having 'fibromyalgia and complex regional pain syndrome' along with 'chronic pain, fatigue with bouts of insomnia', Eamonn sent out his sympathies and wrote, 'No one really understands do they ? Sending you the most positive of wishes x'.

Eamonn Holmes had a double hip operation in 2016, following what he has described as "25 years of agony". At the time of the procedure, he was presenting the Sunrise programme on Sky alongside the Friday show on This Morning with wife Ruth Langsford.

Eamonn Holmes with wife Ruth Langsford

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After the surgery, the presenter took a 10 week break in order to recover but kept fans in the know about his progress throughout the healing stage. He said at the time, "I stand straighter, am an inch taller, can touch my toes and sit without pain."

As well as suffering through the lockdown, Eamonn has opened up previously about suffering with hip pains from a young age.

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