EastEnders star Kellie Bright reveals she’s pregnant with third child after ‘rollercoaster’ IVF journey

EastEnders Kellie Bright
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EastEnders star Kellie Bright is pregnant with her third child after a 'rollercoaster' IVF journey. 

Kellie and her husband Paul Stocker already share two children, Freddy, nine, and Gene, four. 

Freddy was conceived naturally and Gene was conceived through IVF, just like her third pregnancy. 

Kellie, 44, opened up to OK! about her happy news following her IVF treatments.

Kellie told the publication she wanted to talk openly about conceiving at a later stage in life, saying, "I want to be open and honest about this because I think it’s important for younger women to understand."

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She continued, "It’s important for women to know that, yes, you can have children in your forties and, yes, you can be lucky and do it naturally. But for a lot of us, it doesn’t work that way, so I wouldn’t suggest leaving it late by choice."

Kellie and Paul turned to IVF to have Gene after they struggled to conceive naturally and also froze three more embryos for potential use later down the line. 

Kellie described the emotional rollercoaster she faced when the first and second embryos failed.

She said, "After the first one, I was philosophical. After the second one, I started to panic. And with the third one, I didn’t think that had worked either because I had a bleed two days before I was due to take the pregnancy test. It was significant enough for me to be in floods of tears with my husband cradling me."

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Thankfully the third embryo took and Kellie recalled the moment she took the pregnancy test, admitting she nearly fell to the floor in shock when it was positive.

She said how happy she was, because she has always wanted a big family, and didn’t feel like she had finished having children yet.

"It took my breath away. I knew it was my last chance, so the fact it was positive was so unbelievably wonderful. A truly wonderful, crazy life moment."

Their baby is due in August, congratulations Kellie and Paul!

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