Emmerdale’s Gemma Atkinson makes an honest admission about her post-pregnancy body

Gemma Atkinson is loving being a mum and she's adjusted to her "different body" which she admits is "not better or worse" since giving birth.
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  • Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez

    The 35-year-old soap star shows off her body in sportswear and looks incredible as she talks all about her new family and how her body has changed since giving birth to daughter Mia with her Strictly Come Dancing boyfriend Gorka Marquez.

    ”My body doesn’t look like it did before. It’s changed after having a baby, but that made me more determined to do [the shoot] – my body is not better or worse, just different,’ she told Women’s Health magazine.

    ‘Maybe it’s important to show that to other women?… I was always straight up and down, like a surfboard, but now I’ve got a bit of a waist.

    She added, ‘When I put on high-waisted jeans, you can see I’ve got hips. I reckon I’m about 3 percent J Lo now, so I’m happy with that.’

    When did Gemma Atkinson become a mother?

    Gemma welcomed daughter Mia back in July and had to have an emergency C-section and had to be induced due to her daughter being a tiny 4lbs 10.

    And recovery from the procedure took it’s time.

    Gemma explained, ‘The C-section completely floored me; I couldn’t brush my hair I was in so much pain.

    ‘A caesarean goes through seven layers of fat, tissue and muscle, so it takes a long time to get better and, for me, it wasn’t sensible to start exercising until around 15 weeks after Mia was born.’

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    As promised some snippets of my session this morning. I did a light weights circuit for 30 mins followed by a 5000m stationary cycle. Ive always loved training and I think I always will. Being able to zone out and focus on those 45 mins for me, is the best medicine. It lifts my mood and sets me up for the day. Some days I weight train, some days it’s HIIT, yesterday I did 20 mins gentle yoga and some days I do nothing! I like to mix it up and rather than see it as me trying to be a certain size or weight, I see it as a chance to move and energise my body, improve my mind, improve my health and pass on all of my good energy to Mia 🥰 Leggings are reebok, top is Gymshark, Sports bra is Freya 👍🏼

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    And loving Gorka built Gemma a gym at home so she could squeeze in some exercise between her hectic mum duties and admits exercise now gives her more enthusiasm and patience for her daughter.

    She added, ‘Now, I love the way it puts me in a good mood–it gives me more enthusiasm and more patience for Mia, for myself, for everyone.’

    ‘But if you’re not feeling it, listen to your body and rest. I want each session to be 100%, but it can’t be every single time.’