Gogglebox star Julie Malone impresses fans with amazing post-lockdown weight loss

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Gogglebox star Julie Malone wowed fans as she showed off a slimmer frame in a post-lockdown selfie.

The Manchester based mum, who appears on the Channel 4 fly-on-the-wall show with her husband Tom Senior and her sons Tom Junior and Shaun, took to the family's Twitter page to share a snap of herself looking noticeably slimmer.

In the photo, Julie can be seen relaxing in an arm chair in the Malone's family home, sporting a pair of denim shorts and a casual slogan T-shirt.

'Good morning from a very dull Manchester (meaning the weather ).Anyone got a secluded sunny island they could lend me for a week or two ? X Julie,' she penned next to the sweet photo.

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Responding to the upload, lots of Gogglebox fans pointed out Julie's more petite frame.

'Looking good Julie. You've lost weight during lockdown. Well done I've gone the other way,' one wrote, while another asked, 'You look amazing what have you done differently?'

Responding to the comments, Julie explained that she had been cutting back on junk food during the coronavirus lockdown.

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'Just been cutting out the rubbish and eating healthier, making meals from the Pinch of Nom books as these are low fat and healthier,' she wrote.

Sharing the emotional reason she was inspired to kickstart a healthy eating regime, Julie admitted she had started to gain weight during lockdown but changed her ways when she heard that Covid-19 can be worsened by obesity.

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'I was going that way at first till I read the bigger you are the worse the Covid if you get it ! Just got a new Grandson and want to see them all grow up,' she said.

Loyal Gogglebox fans were keen to know if the Malone family's new nutritious lifestyle would mean that their signature bowl of cakes and sweets would be missing from their coffee tables in episodes from now on.

Assuring viewers that the sugary spreads won't be going anywhere, Julie joked, 'The boys and grandkids would go mad if there were no goodies we are still having them but in moderation ,but that goes out of the window sometimes lol.'

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