Gogglebox star shocks fans with major transformation in throwback snap

gogglebox tom malone throwback photo transformation
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Gogglebox’s Tom Malone Jr has shocked fans with a recent throwback snap.

The Gogglebox favourite, who appears on the show each week alongside his parents Tom and Julie Malone, took to his Twitter page with a throwback photo that fans could not believe.

The show regular, who regular travels up to his family home in Manchester to film the series with his parents, shared a side-by-side image of him now next to a snap of him from a few years ago.

One snap shows the star with a shaved head and a groomed beard wearing a grey hoodie, while the shocking throwback shows a topless Tom clean shaven with a slicked back quiff in his hair.

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Do these two pictures even look like the same person?’ he captioned the side-by-side pic.

And fans couldn’t believe the transformation that the Goggleboxer has made in the past few years.

You look better without the beard!’ commented one fan. ‘Maybe you should shave it off and donate money to charity 👍🏻’.

‘It’s like the good twin and the bad twin,’ joked another, while one quipped, ‘Prefer the facial hair you look about 13 in the other one lol’.

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Others wrote, ‘Prefer beard and short hair’ and ‘You look handsome in both, you look hotter clean shaven tho.xx,’ as one joked, ‘Post lockdown > Pre Lockdown’.

One Gogglebox fan made a reference to the family’s table full of treats that they display in each episode, ‘Today’s look is definitely hotter and that you have filled out a little.

‘Mind you with the cakes your mum puts out everyday, it’s hardly surprising. She sure knows how to keep the brood happy. Makes me hungry every time I see it’.

We wonder what all of the other Gogglebox stars looked like back in the day…

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