Good Morning Britain weather man Alex Beresford confirms split from wife Natalia

Alex struggled with loneliness after the recent break up...
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  • Good Morning Britain's weather forecaster Alex Beresford has split from his wife, Natalia Natkaniec.

    The telly host confirmed news of the break up, explaining that the pair had “desperately tried to make things work”.

    Speaking on the Britain Gets Talking podcast, 39-year-old Alex admitted that he’s been struggling with feelings of loneliness after Natalia and their ten-year-old son, Cruz, left weeks before the coronavirus lockdown came into place.

    Opening up on the tough break up, Alex said, “It’s been a massive learning curve, I didn’t think at the age of 20 that when I was approaching 40, I would be in this situation.

    “The age of 40, you’ll be married, you’ll be a grown up, you’ll have a kid or two, your life is going to be set. I’m not old, I don’t feel old, it’s a bit daunting.

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    “But we’ve been in lockdown, so even if I wanted to go on a date, I couldn’t go on a date.”

    Speaking on his future plans to find love again, Alex admitted he wants what is best for his young son.

    “I don’t want to grow old on my own, life is for sharing and it’d be great to meet someone in the future but they have to be right for me, right for Cruz.”

    Baring all on the process of the split, Alex explained that while the pair had decided to end their relationship last year, they continued living together in order to help Cruz cope with the situation.

    However, Natalia moved out with Cruz two weeks before the official lockdown, when she developed coronavirus symptoms.

    “When Natalia and Cruz moved out, it was two weeks before lockdown. Natalia developed symptoms, she had a cough,” he said.

    “It turned out not to be COVID-19, they had to self isolate for 14 days – so I went from living in a house full of people to living on my own in lockdown.

    “I watched Boris Johnson’s lockdown message sitting on my sofa feeling really lonely. And I couldn’t see Cruz for two weeks.”

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