Great British Bake Off hit with Ofcom complaints over Noel Fielding's 'sexual' remarks

Noel Fielding Great British Bake Off complaints
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The Great British Bake Off has been hit with more Ofcom complaints.

The smash hit Channel 4 baking contest, which is judged by Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, is said to have sparked 37 complaints to TV watchdog Ofcom over 'sexual' remarks made by presenter Noel Fielding.

"The complaints were about sexual references made by Noel Fielding," a source told The Sun, after the comedian made jokes about Bake Off contestant Peter, jesting that a wooden spoon with a face drawn onto it wanted to "see him naked".

"He wants to kiss you, Mr Spoon says he wants to see Peter naked," Noel told the 20-year-old baker.

Noel also joked that he would like to make "a nude sculpture of Paul Hollywood" with "lime nipples".

While Bake Off is known for its occasional cheeky innuendo, it seems that viewers weren't a fan of Noel's naughty comments, with the clip attracting complaints both to Ofcom and on social media.

One viewer Tweeted, 'This might just be me, but I think Noel saying that Mr Spoon wanted to see Peter naked was crossing a line of good taste and appropriateness. Would he say that about a female contestant?'

'What’s with all the inappropriate comments this series? Children watch bake off and I don’t want to have to explain why Mr Spoon wants to see Peter naked or why Paul’s nipples are lime flavoured,' agreed a second. 

'"Mr Spoon wants to see Peter naked." Damn Noel. #GBBO,' penned another.

A third asked, 'Am I the only one weirded out by Noel wanting to see Pater naked?'

The Bake Off has also been under fire from fans this week after Hermine's elimination from the semi-final left many furious.

With lots sharing their views online that Laura should've been axed from the programme instead of two-time Star Baker Hermine, judge Paul Hollywood was forced to intervene and slam the 'disgusting behaviour' of the trolls.

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'I’ve heard of some sad people trolling Laura, it’s disgusting behaviour.

‘Those of you who may not be aware how Bake Off works or new to the series may have missed what we have ALWAYS done on Bake Off judging.’

Clearing up any confusion, Paul added, ‘Each week stands on its own!! It never matters what any baker has done in previous weeks. Even if you win 4/5 star bakers and then have a bad week you will be at risk of going sadly. It’s the rule that has been in place for 11 years!!

‘Also I ONLY give out handshakes in signature not in Showstopper or technical, there was on exception 3 years ago… STOP trolling any of the bakers!!

‘Remember Prue and I can actually smell and eat the bakes… Bring on the final.’

Responding to Paul’s kind comments, Laura wrote, ‘Thank you Paul that really means a lot to me.’

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