Singer Halsey confirms she's pregnant after multiple miscarriages

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Halsey has announced she is pregnant with her first child.

The US songstress shared the news on Instagram yesterday, posting photos of her showing off her growing baby bump.

'surprise! 🍼🌈👼🏻,' the 26-year-old pop star penned beside the snaps, giving a nod to the fact this 'rainbow' baby is a blessing following three miscarriages she has suffered over the years.

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Halsey, whose real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, can be seen posing in a pair of loose fitting jeans and a rainbow crochet bralette, once again paying tribute to the baby she once lost and the joy of being pregnant after her miscarriage.

It's not been officially confirmed who the father of the child is, but Halsey tagged her thought-to-be boyfriend Alev Aydin in the post.

Halsey has opened up about her struggles with endometriosis and fertility in the past and has been honest about how she felt after miscarrying a pregnancy during her 2015 tour.

I was on tour, and I found out I was pregnant," Halsey told The Doctors in 2018

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"Before I could really figure out what that meant to me and what that meant for my future... the next thing I knew I was on stage miscarrying in the middle of my concert."

"I beat myself up for it, because I think that the reason it happened is just the lifestyle I was living," she went on to confess in an interview with Rolling Stone.

"I wasn't drinking. I wasn't doing drugs. I was f**king overworked – in the hospital every couple of weeks because I was dehydrated, needing bags of IVs brought to my greenroom. I was anemic, I was fainting. My body just broke the f**k down."

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