Holly Willoughby and Emma Willis break down in tears on This Morning

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Holly Willoughby and Emma Willis struggled to hold back the tears on This Morning as they discussed Delivering Babies in Lockdown.

The TV presenters both struggled to hold back the tears on This Morning as they discussed the new series of Delivering Babies in Lockdown.

Emma, 44, who qualified as a Maternity Care Assistant in 2018, has filmed the third series of Delivering Babies but this one is set to be the most emotional yet, as viewers were shown a clip of a newborn baby having to be resuscitated after being born.

The mum-of-three, who is married to Busted star Matt Willis (opens in new tab), and Holly, 40, who also has three children with husband Dan Baldwin both became overwhelmed with emotion as they saw a couple anxiously waiting for their baby to cry (opens in new tab) for the first time after a complicated birth.

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"I've been in that situation... it's absolutely terrifying," revealed Emma, as she clutched her face in panic.

And Holly, ITV morning telly star (opens in new tab) and mum to Harry, 11, Belle, nine, and Chester, six agreed as her eyes filled with tears, she said, "Oh my God. That's a hard watch actually".

"It's a really really hard watch," agreed Emma, who has Isabelle, 11, Ace, nine, and Trixie, four.

Emma continued. "I've been in that situation on the ward and it's absolutely terrifying. It's a minute or two, it feels like an hour. It's just so scary."

It's not the first time Holly has broken down in tears on This Morning after a heartbreaking interview (opens in new tab).


The series was harder to film as due to lockdown, restrictions meant that at the time of filming, not even partners were allowed in the delivery room of their pregnant (opens in new tab) wives or girlfriends until the final moments of labour (opens in new tab).

From her home in Hertfordshire, Emma told Holly and Phillip Schofield (opens in new tab), "It was very hands-off and I did everything from the room I'm sat in right now. We put it in the hands of the families. We were meant to be back in the ward last April and that obviously didn't happen. There's devastation everywhere we look at the minute but in small pockets of these hospitals, there's joy happening."

Holly Willoughby and Emma Willis have both experienced labour so their emotions are a natural reaction to what they were seeing.

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Emma continued, "When we're on the ward, you see a man melt when their child comes into the world. I can't help but feel slightly sorry for them because, in the nicest possible way, they're useless,

"You see these men so vulnerable and wanting to do something for their partner and they literally can't. It was a real insight," she said.

If Holly Willoughby and Emma Willis reaction has made you want to see more of the show you can tune in from tonight on channel W.