Holly Willoughby reveals her children’s mental health has been affected by climate change

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  • Holly Willoughby has said that her children's mental health has been affected by climate change.

    The This Morning host explained how her children, Chester, Harry, and Belle, have all become much more aware of climate change, and have started worrying quite a lot about it.

    Speaking on This Morning to two activists who were talking about how they suffer from eco-anxiety, Holly said: “I’ve got my three children and they watch Newsround, it’s something that’s part of school, they watch it. They come home and more recently I notice that they talk about it a lot. We’ve always been quite environmental in our home, as much as we can.

    “But they’re talking about it in a different way now, the same as what you’ve seen with the bush fires, all sorts of things. And they do worry about it.

    “Their questioning has changed, actually it’s become quite fearful and I’m wondering as a parent, how do we deal with that? Because it’s not just affecting adults, it is affecting our children too.”

    Holly’s revelation comes one year after the climate change protests by Extinction Rebellion and following Australian bushfires. Recently, the show revealed that she and her This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield have adopted two koalas affected by the fires.

    Holly’s koala is named Blondie, otherwise known as Brandy Hill Denise, and she was sadly attacked by a dog and ended up having one of her arms amputated.

    Phillip’s koala Glen William Clarence is blind in both eyes having chronically suffered from Chlamydia in his eyes for years. In Northern Australia, more than 20 per cent of koalas have the infection, but many more can harbour it.

    Blondie and Glen were discovered by This Morning’s vet Scott Miller, and they were introduced in a social media post as well as being proudly displayed live on air in photographs.

    The magazine show’s Instagram caption read: “Thank you to @drscottym for helping the beautiful koalas affected by Australia’s bushfires.⁠⠀

    “⁠Meet Paul, Maisie, Thomas and Shelby…⁠⠀⠀ and introducing Blondie and Clarence, @schofe and @hollywilloughby’s adopted koalas from @portstephenskoalas.”

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