Holly Willoughby's emotional plea to those struggling with mental health in lockdown

Holly Willoughby
(Image credit: Jeff Spicer / Getty Images)

Holly Willoughby made an emotional plea to viewers of This Morning who may be struggling with their mental health.

This comes just a few days after Holly Willoughby revealed it was 'time for a change', admitting she is taking back control of her TV career.

The topic was brought up by a viewer of the ITV chat show who wanted to express their concern for those with mental health problems who live alone and may not have access to support bubbles during the third national lockdown.

This was following fears that support bubbles could be scrapped as Government guidelines became stricter in the UK due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Holly Willoughby was discussing the issue with fellow co-host Philip Schofield and guest Matthew Wright when she stated, “Hearing news like this, be it rumour or tittle-tattle or whether it be the truth of what we are facing later on, if you are struggling and if you've been okay and just about holding on up until now and this is the thing that tips you over the edge, the most important thing is don't suffer in silence.”

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Holly continued to make a plea that people reached out for support if they were in need,"And you might not be able to see that person or get in that support bubble but you can ask for help, you can call someone.

'There are Samaritans, there’s calm, we’ve got lots of helpline on our app, do not do this alone because nothing, nothing you’re going through is worth that."

This sweet statement resonated with viewers as they took to social media to applaud the host for speaking out about the issue. 

One viewer stated, 'Thank you for making all of this important information widely available to all your viewers  I deal with suicides regularly and more so during lockdown. Let’s bring a ray of optimism through all of this and support one another by reaching out. Must talk more openly'

Another viewer agreed with the host and wrote, 'Well said Holly. A lot of people are struggling right now with what they are going through, whether it be financial or social problems. Please, Please don’t stay silent and suffer. Open up to anyone, we are all here to listen and help.'

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has since assured Brits that support bubbles will remain in place, despite admitting that lockdown rules may need to be tightened.

"I can rule out removing the bubbles that we have in place. The childcare bubbles, the support bubbles, are very important and we’re going to keep them," he said in last night's Downing Street press conference.