Holly Willoughby branded ‘common’ after making a very controversial confession

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  • Holly Willoughby was branded "common" live on This Morning this week.

    The comment came after the glam telly host made a very controversial confession.

    During a segment about wine tasting, vino aficionado and This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield, who recently launched his very own range of wine, asked Holly how she enjoys a tipple in the summer time.

    Admitting she enjoys sipping on her rosé wine when it is crisp, cold and refreshing, Holly explained she goes as far as to put ice cubes in the boozy pink drink.

    Before iconic silver fox Phillip could respond to his famous on-screen partner, he announced that a member of the back stage crew had made a rather cheeky comment in his ear piece.

    “Ooh, an editor just said something outrageous in my ear,” Phillip gasped, before revealing, “They shouted out common!”

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    Continuing to back her anger-sparking choice, mum-of-three Holly said, “I get it though, because it’s supposed to dilute the wine, but I like really cold white or rosé wine.”

    Surprisingly, Holly was supported by First Dates maître d and wine pro Fred Sirieix later in the show, who said he’s also partial to an uber-chilled glass or two.

    “I have of course,” he said. “I tell you one thing Holly you will still go to heaven even if you put ice cubes in rosé wine!”

    Plenty of This Morning viewers took to social media to have their say on the important debate, with many taking strong views on each side.

    Putting ice in wine just means that you drink more water through the day and probably means you’ll have less of a hangover. Everyone’s a winner #ThisMorning,’ one insisted, sharing a great tip.

    It’s not ‘common’ to put ice in wine! In fact on the continent – in the nicest of places I’ve been to, the people, esp the locals dining there -always get extra ice to put in their Rosè  #thismorning,’ another assured. 

    Meanwhile a third chipped in to say, ‘Put frozen grapes in as they don’t dilute the wine!

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