Holly Willoughby left close to tears as This Morning viewer asks for advice on heartbreaking issue

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Holly Willoughby got seriously emotional on This Morning today.

The iconic ITV host, who presents This Morning alongside co-presenter Phillip Schofield, is known for wearing her heart on her sleeve while on telly.

And today it seemed Holly was close to tears when a viewer opened up about a heartbreaking issue during a phone-in segment.

The caller got in touch to ask for advice, having suffered a miscarriage amid the coronavirus lockdown.

As Holly read out the caller’s story, she began to well up.

“Oh, Sarah I’m so sorry I’ve just read the top line here.

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“You are going through a horrible time. Are you OK to read this?”

As Sarah, whose real name had been changed for anonymity, asked Holly to continue sharing her situation, the mum-of-three continued, “You are with your partner, and you’re at home, and I’m so sorry but you are going through a miscarriage.

“Obviously, you can’t see friends to support you through this and you’re finding it very hard. Are you OK?”

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Psychologist Emma Kenny was on hand to offer some well-needed support to Sarah, saying, “Even if you have a partner with you, you feel like it’s a very personal journey.

“It’s really hard for people to understand what a massive grief and loss, it is.

“Just be aware that this is something really personal, you also need to reach out and talk to other people.”

At the end of the phone call, Holly sweetly said, “Lots of love to you.”

The mood was lifted later in the episode though, when Holly, Phil and hundreds of viewers across the country took a moment to dance along to Whitney Houston.

As the hosting duo showed off their moves, the screen was filled with members of the audience doing the same from their homes.

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