Is Steph McGovern pregnant and who is her partner?

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Is Steph McGovern pregnant? We put an end to the rumours and give you everything you need to know about the TV presenter's personal life.

It's her chatty nature and infectious energy that has helped journalist and TV presenter Steph McGovern win a legion of fans over the years. From her 9-year successful stint on BBC Breakfast as their main business reporter to her current Channel 4 show offering Steph's Packed Lunch.

2019 proved to be quite the year for the Yorkshire lass, with Steph announcing her pregnancy in July and going on to welcome her first child with her partner shortly after. But it seems the rumour mill has gone into overdrive again this year with many viewers wondering if Steph is pregnant again? We share the answer and give the inside scoop on her partner and family too.

Is Steph McGovern pregnant?

No, as it stands currently, Steph McGovern is not pregnant.

The 39-year-old has shared no public pregnancy announcements with fans in 2021.

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Steph was previously pregnant in 2019, whilst working as a presenter on BBC Breakfast.

It seems the Yorkshire born mum struggled with her early pregnancy experience - particularly morning sickness - which she opened up to with Giovanna Fletcher on her Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast.

Steph said that she was forced to tell her BBC colleagues that she was pregnant before the 12-week rule because she was "throwing up" particularly bad one morning.

"The only thing I could get into my body that morning was watermelon and I literally projectile vomited watermelon across the studio, moments before we were about to start the 6 o’clock news headlines," she told Giovanna. "You could see my co-host was looking at me going, 'Are you hungover?' and I was just like - trying not to whisper - aware I was wearing a mic connecting me to all the gang in the gallery.

"Everyone thinks I’m hungover or I have a bug and if you think you’ve got a bug then everyone avoids you and says go home. So, I ended up saying [I was pregnant]."

We hope that Steph doesn't experience the same morning sickness as before if baby number two is on the horizon.

Who is Steph McGovern's partner?

Steph is married to her longtime partner, a female TV executive at the BBC. The two live together in Yorkshire.

The TV presenter is notoriously private when it comes to her personal life, so we don't know her partner's name and we haven't seen a picture of her.

It seems that things are likely to stay this way too, with a source telling the Sun's My Life magazine that Steph "won’t be doing any magazine shoots any time soon – she values her privacy too much."

Steph herself has elaborated on why she wants to keep her personal life away from the cameras. "It's not like I'm ashamed of anything in my life," she told comedian Suzi Ruffell on her podcast Out. "It's more a case of I'm trying to lead as normal a life as I can."

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What we can assume is that Steph and her partner have a love of travel, with the two enjoying numerous trips abroad before they became mothers.

"Last year we totally maxed out on exploring because we went to the Galapagos Islands, which was utterly amazing. We took a month and travelled around South America before we had our baby. But I'd still love to go to Tokyo."

Does Steph McGovern have children?

Yes, Steph McGovern and her partner have a 1-year-old daughter together.

Steph gave birth on 4 November 2019, which means her little girl will celebrate her second birthday very soon.

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In keeping with Steph's privacy efforts, no name or photo has been shared publicly. But it seems Steph is loving life as a family of three, even noting how motherhood has changed her.

"Before I had a baby I was a workaholic," she told The Sun's MyLife. "Now Saturdays and Sundays are about my partner and my daughter. My perfect Saturday is taking my little girl swimming, then we'll go out for lunch with her, which is chaos but we pretend it's fine."

After this, Steph loves having friends round for "a bottle of wine and a gossip". She adds, "A lot of my pals are friends I've had forever, so we have a real giggle."

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