ITV’s Lorraine show gets 2,400 Ofcom complaints after viewers left furious over Covid-19 vaccine remark

Lorraine Kelly, ITV's Lorraine Ofcom
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ITV's Lorraine show has received 2,400 Ofcom complaints from viewers who were left furious over a Covid-19 (opens in new tab) vaccine remark.

Lorraine was discussing the numbers of unvaccinated people in hospital with Covid-19 during a segment on the ITV daytime show (opens in new tab) when viewers took issue with what was said.

In the episode, which aired on the 6th of December, guest GP Doctor Hilary Jones (opens in new tab) said, "Those people who haven't been vaccinated (opens in new tab), we'd really love you to think again and be vaccinated."

To which Lorraine replied, "That's a figure that we have to really concentrate on, 90% of people in hospital have not been vaccinated."

The episode, which aired on December 6, originally garnered more than 1,300 complaints when broadcasting watchdog Ofcom initially reported that 1,312 people complained about the episode which was "related to a discussion about the number of unvaccinated people in hospital" and since a further episode aired, more have complained bringing the total of complaints over 3,700.

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Viewers on Twitter were left fuming with the figures, which they argued were incorrect and according to fact-checking organisation Full Fact, it was claimed in The Economist back in October this year that 80-90% of hospitalised patients were unvaccinated.

However, the organisation concluded that the figure is now closer to 35%, explaining, "We’ve not checked the European data, but this is no longer true in Britain, where the proportion of unvaccinated Covid patients admitted to hospital has been falling over time."

The organisation added, "The latest data from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) suggests that the proportion of unvaccinated Covid-19 cases being admitted after presenting to emergency care within 28 days of a positive test in England is now about 35%. When the Economist article was published, this figure was similar at about 36%.

"The Economist has confirmed to Full Fact that the number it used was out of date."

Viewers took to Twitter to announce their fury at what figures were reported. One viewer wrote, 'A figure to focus on because it's factually incorrect from @DrHilaryJones. 36% of Covid patients in hospital unvaccinated not 90%.'

Someone else ranted, 'Assume @DrHilaryJones will be retracting that statement on tomorrow's TV? Or do we need to put in an Ofcom complaint about it being misleading?'

Dr Hilary previously warned the public over deleting the NHS Covid-19 app (opens in new tab),

And ITV's Lorraine had the second flurry of Ofcom complaints came in after guest Martin Kemp repeated the unvaccinated hospital cases figure when he was on the show that aired on the 7th of December to show his support for backing the booster (opens in new tab) campaign.

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ITV's Lorraine did go on to offer an amendment to the figures following the Ofcom complaints, it explained, "Lorraine issued an update on the figures as she said, "Dr Hilary said that 90% of patients with Covid in the were unvaccinated.

"We should say that this is 90% of people who are very seriously ill and are receiving the most specialist care."