Jeff Brazier reveals 16-year-old son Bobby is already signed up to a modelling agency

Well done to Bobby!
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  • TV presenter Jeff Brazier has revealed that his son Bobby, who he had with Jade Goody, is embarking on some big career ambitious.

    Bobby Jack Brazier has recently completed his GCSE’s and has recently started an apprenticeship in digital marketing. But he’s gone one step further after being scouted by a modelling agency.

    Bobby has now signed a modelling contract and hopes to be a DJ one day too. Jeff Brazier has revealed he’ll be supporting his son after learning about his career interests.

    Speaking to The Sun he said, “He’s learning how to DJ because he’s interested in that, so I’ll obviously support that.

    “He’s signed up with a model agency because he had quite a few that wanted to take him on, and he hasn’t done anything yet, but you know, that will be interesting to see what happens for him.”

    Jeff added, “I know he’s quite sort of hopeful for what that might bring, and basically it just seems like there’s a few opportunities available to him.”

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    The dad-of-two also spoke about how proud he was of his son for receiving two As, three Bs and three Cs in his GCSE’s, and following that with an apprenticeship.

    He said, “I’m really proud of Bob. It was a shame that last year he really kind of didn’t give himself enough credit for how capable he was academically.

    “His exam results, for him, were a real shock because he’d told himself that he was going to do a lot worse than he actually did.”

    Jeff added, “He got two A’s, three B’s, three C’s in the end, and that’s really not a bad return for a kid that didn’t really try particularly hard at revising, no matter how many times I sort of said to him ‘come on, mate, put an hour or two in.'”

    Following the launch of a recent documentary which documented the life of Bobby’s late mother Jade Goody, Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain, Jeff opened up about his decision to not let his children watch it.

    Jeff said, “In a nutshell, I got the godparents together. We sat the kids down. We told them what they was likely to be seeing, and that there would be some really amazing stuff that they would be incredibly proud to watch, but we also said, truthfully, that there’s going some incredibly difficult things that you probably don’t know about your mum, or you don’t know happened to your mum, that’s going to be really difficult for you to watch.”

    He’d added, “And maybe at the ages of 14 and 16, I believe this might be best left until you’re a couple of years older.”