Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s secret holiday: The former couple are planning a romantic post-lockdown getaway

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  • Just like most of us at the moment, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are longing to let their hair down and travel once it is finally safe to do so.

    And our sister publication Woman has revealed they’re planning to celebrate their freedom by going away together on a romantic holiday.

    ‘Jen has an open invitation to stay at her favourite spa in Mexico, and she wants Brad to come along,’ an insider said. ‘He’s told her he’d love to be there, and they’re making arrangements… as soon as it’s safe to travel.’

    So are the golden Hollywood couple finally ready to make things official – again?

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    Romantic getaway

    Brad and Jen’s Mexican holiday sounds idyllic – and the perfect way to enjoy a blossoming romance away from the spotlight.

    ‘They’ll stay at a five-star resort, do plenty of swimming and enjoy a range of delicious food specially prepared for them by a personal chef,’ the source revealed.

    ‘Jen is treated like a queen whenever she goes to these places, so they’ll likely be treated to his ’n’ hers massages and other wellness treatments.’

    It seems as though Mexico is a special location for Brad, 56, and Jen, 51. The pair were reported to have rung in the New Year together with a group of friends as well as holidaying there last summer.

    A source revealed at the time, ‘Brad and Jen had an amazing getaway in Mexico, and it really brought back lots of special memories.’

    Taking it slow

    As Woman has previously reported, Jen and Brad have been easing their way back into something of a reunion after hitting it off earlier this year during awards season.

    Fans went into overdrive when the picture-perfect pair – who separated back in 2005 after five years of marriage – were seen getting cosy backstage at a Hollywood party, which followed Brad’s surprise attendance at Jen’s star-studded birthday bash last year.

    They’ve since settled into a low-key, more private arrangement, meeting mainly at each other’s luxury LA homes, according to insiders, who say that they’re keen to take their time before going public.

    ‘They figured people would get excited, but the sheer scale of intensity and, at times, hysteria was overwhelming and difficult to deal with when they first reconnected,’ explained the insider.

    ‘That’s why they decided to take the pressure off and let things breathe before moving forward.

    ‘It was a mutual decision, but it didn’t stop them staying in touch, and they’ve missed each other a lot during the quarantine period. Dinner here and there doesn’t cut it for either of them, which is why this getaway is so long overdue.’

    Meant to be?

    Significantly, neither Brad nor Jen have got serious with anyone else in recent months, though Brad was briefly linked to American actress Alia Shawkat, 31, at the start of the lockdown period.

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    At the time, a source revealed how Jen was fretting that she would lose Brad once again, explaining,

    ‘If he chooses [Alia], Jen will be devastated. Jen doesn’t want to come across as desperate or clingy, but she seems to be finding it hard to stay cool.’

    But a source said, ‘Brad’s told her that Alia is just a friend and she believes him… Jen’s playing a patient game because she’s confident they’ll be together again in the long term.’

    The insider added, ‘Right now, she’s just thrilled to be going away with him and catching up, one-on-one. She’s excited about what the future could hold.’

    We hope you have the holiday of a lifetime, Brad and Jen!