Joe Wicks reveals the heart warming story of how he saved a heartbroken fan from depression and suicide

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  • Fitness influencer Joe Wicks really is the man of the moment.

    The social media sensation has become a household name over the past few months after his virtual PE lessons became a staple in a day of lockdown life for thousands across the nation.

    The health and wellness pro, who rose to online fame with his Body Coach Instagram account and “Lean in 15” meal plans, launched the innovative initiative to help keep school kids occupied at home throughout the coronavirus crisis.

    And the videos have done far more good than just entertain school-less pupils.

    With millions tuning into the daily video streams, Joe’s uploads have raised over £200,000, to be donated to the NHS.

    The curly haired personal trainer has also shared the story of how he saved a heartbroken fan from depression and suicide with his pandemic project.

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    Speaking on Jessie Ware’s Table Manners podcast, doting dad-of-two Joe spoke out on the heart warming situation.

    “The most emotional thing I’ve ever experienced is a woman sent me a message a few weeks ago saying that her husband had left her for another woman.

    “She said she felt suicidal and that she was hiding it from her daughter, but when the lockdown came on she couldn’t hide it. She was crying every day and she thought I need to stop this, I need to turn my life around,” he continued.

    “So her and her daughter tuned into the first ever PE with Joe workout and they’ve done it every day. She’s now gone from feeling suicidal and depressed to being so happy and positive and loving the workouts.

    “They do it every day Monday to Friday and on Sunday and Saturday they do re-runs because they want to feel the buzz that they get.”

    Speaking on the importance of fitness in conjunction with mental health, Joe went on, “So that is the power of transformation through fitness. You can be at the lowest of the low, thinking that you are so depressed and vulnerable and so upset. But if you start introducing 20 minutes of exercise a day with your daughter that you love and suddenly you’re a new person.”