Kate Garraway gives another heartbreaking update about husband Derek Draper after ‘tough’ hospital visit

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  • Kate Garraway admitted she's 'desperate for a step forward', as husband Derek Draper continues his coronavirus recovery in intensive care.

    Kate Garraway has admitted that a recent visit to see husband Derek Draper in hospital, where he continues to recover from coronavirus, was particularly “tough”.

    Opening up about the experience on today’s Good Morning Britain, the presenter said she was finding the situation increasingly “frustrating”.

    Kate’s husband Derek has been receiving treatment in intensive care since March.

    And although Derek no longer has Covid-19, the impact the illness has wreaked on his health might be irreversible.

    “It was quite a tough visit yesterday,” Kate confided in co-host Ben Shepherd this morning. “He’s had a tough couple of weeks. It’s just frustrating.”

    Kate explained that it was her son Billy’s birthday, making the visit “extra emotional”.

    “You think about the day he was born, and Derek’s involvement. And you think about how much Derek would like to present – all of that. So it’s very emotional.”

    Kate and Derek have two children together, 11-year-old William and 14-year-old Darcey.

    Despite finding the visit tough, Kate tried to stay upbeat about her circumstances. “A doctor said to me, ‘Sometimes Kate, a day where nothing has gone backwards and nothing has gone wrong is a positive day’,” she told Ben.

    “It’s just that I’m desperate for a step forward, I think,” she added.

    “Of course you are,” responded Ben. “Any visible sense of positive improvement is a huge benefit to you and your family.”

    Kate agreed, saying, “It’s always lovely to see him. So it’s wonderful to have the chance to do that.”

    The Good Morning Britain presenter has previously admitted that watching Derek’s critical illness has been “the hardest time of her life”.

    Kate has also spoken of the impact her husband’s illness has had on their children. She emotionally told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on her return to GMB earlier this month, “Darcey and Billy have effectively lost their dad.”

    “My job now is to make them feel safe and make them feel like they have a future and a world they’re gonna have to go to school in September so it’s important to see me getting on,” she said.