Lorraine Kelly shocked as Dr Hilary reveals his age on Good Morning Britain

Lorraine Kelly Dr Hilary
(Image credit: Jeff Spicer)

Good Morning Britain’s resident doctor is celebrating his birthday, but people couldn’t believe his age.

Lorraine Kelly led the birthday celebrations for Dr Hilary, as he appeared on the show to give the latest coronavirus news.

As Lorraine wished him a happy birthday, she said, "Happy birthday to Dr Hilary, can I tell the nation how old you are?”

The presented teased, “The nation will be astounded!” and Dr Hilary replied, “Go on then”.

After being given the thumbs up, Lorraine announced, “You are 67 years old today! You can’t be 67? It’s ridiculous.”

She added, “We got you a cake, but we can’t give it to you properly. We just want to say happy birthday to Dr Hilary!”

Much like Lorraine, plenty of viewers were shocked to find out Dr Hilary’s age.

Taking to Twitter during Friday’s episode, plenty of them voiced their surprise at the revelation that he was 67.

One wrote, ‘I cannot believe Dr Hilary is 67 he looks great and many more birthdays and thank you for all your fantastic advice’

Another added, ‘Eh...Dr. Hilary is 67 yrs old today...Astonished face he looks good for his age...’

A third wrote, ‘Did Lorraine Kelly just say that Dr Hilary is 67? SIXTY SEVEN! I want some of whatever he’s been drinking’

And a fourth added, ‘Dr Hilary...no way are you 67!! I’ll have a pint of whatever you are on!! Happy birthday’

Dr Hilary has been keeping the nation informed about the coronavirus pandemic, providing health updates and advice.

Amid lockdown, he urged viewers to ‘remain vigilant’ when it comes to rules.

He said, “It’s not just a flu. It’s more transmittable, it’s more deadly.”

“This is a deadly pandemic virus that’s going to be around for some time damaging the economy, killing people, and we must remain vigilant and take it seriously.”

Happy birthday Dr Hilary!

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