Loose Women Carol McGiffin opens up on having two abortions admitting she’s ‘not proud’ but doesn’t regret them

'To say I’m not ashamed doesn’t mean I’m proud of what I did either'
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  • Loose Women star Carol McGiffin has opened up on her two abortions in an honest new chat.

    The journalist and telly star recently spoke out on Loose Women about the fall in fertility rates for women under 30 in the UK, explaining that she terminated two pregnancies when she was younger.

    Carol, 60, explained that she underwent an abortion aged 28 and then had another one after falling pregnant from a one night stand when she was 38.

    In an honest new column, the 60-year-old media personality expressed how she had been worried about receiving backlash about her decisions but explained she has no regrets.

    “I always feel that women who choose not to procreate are endlessly having to explain themselves, whereas women who choose to have children don’t.

    “We are also often labelled as selfish because we only have ourselves to look after. But there are plenty of people out there who have kids without thinking enough about it,” she penned for The Sun.

    “It seemed appropriate to emphasise and illustrate my life choice by talking about my two accidental pregnancies and subsequent terminations.

    “In a way, I felt like I needed to convince people that my decision was conscious and that I was never in any doubt it was the right one.”

    Explaining the back story behind her two terminations, Carol went on to add, “The first abortion was with someone I was seeing. My boyfriend not only knew about it but supported me through it.

    “The second, at the age of 38, was more complicated. It was a one-night stand that took place while I was sort of seeing someone else.

    “To say I’m not ashamed doesn’t mean I’m proud of what I did either.”

    Explaining that she feels she would have more regrets if she had gone on to see the pregnancies through, Carol continued, “I didn’t want to have the terminations for all the obvious reasons. I’m not totally heartless — there were potential lives that had, I suppose, already been created — and I feel for all the women who would have given anything to be in my situation.

    “But I don’t regret anything because I know absolutely that if I hadn’t done what I did, I’d definitely have regretted it more.”