Loose Women stars’ manager criticises Nadia Sawalha in shocking Twitter rant

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  • The manager of Loose Women stars Coleen Nolan and Saira Khan has hit out at the pair's telly co-star Nadia Sawalha in an angry online rant.

    Melanie Blake, who is a talent manager for various ITV stars, including Coleen, Saira and Coronation Street star Jennie McAlpine, took to social media to criticise Nadia following a debate about body confidence on Loose Women.

    Melanie shared a video of Nadia from the iconic lunchtime chat show, in which she can be heard preaching about how she’s keen to help young women love their bodies.

    “I am desperate to get into the brains of young women and say:, ‘Please stop it earlier than we did’.

    “It’s absolute stinking thinking, nobody in my entire life has ever said anything as nasty to me as I have said to myself. ‘How many of you would say the same? That nobody is as mean to you as you are to yourself? It really doesn’t have to be like that,” the mum-of-two exclaimed in the footage.

    Responding to the upload, Melanie claimed to have experienced a ‘nasty’ side to Nadia, branding her a ‘witch’.

    It’s a shame she ‘officially ‘ gave up acting because Nadia deserve an Oscar for this speech,’ Melanie Tweeted.

    In 20 years of repping clients I never saw a nastier side to anyone than I did of her & I’m not alone. Her constant “be kind” etc speeches are so ironic considering she is a total witch,’ she added to the shock rant.

    Continuing the online outburst, Melanie went on to tell her followers, ‘The time will come. I’d let sleeping dogs lie if she didn’t bleat on about “being kind” every time she gets the chance – when behind the facade she is anything but. 

    If she had any sense – she’d wise up – before more people reveal what she’s really like.’

    Lots of Nadia’s friends and loyal fans quickly stepped up to defend her.

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    Years ago I got papped on a beach in a bikini and the article discussed how I could dare to go on the beach at the size I was . I was a ‘size’14 Sadly this fucked me up for years …to the point where I literally never ‘dared’ to go on the beach or by the pool again in a bikini again without a cover up on . Thank god those days are well and truly in the past ! I feel as joyful and liberated in this video as I look !! FREEDOM from my OWN and OTHERS ‘STINKING THINKING’ is a wonderful thing . I have a dream that my daughters and yours won’t have to go through the body fascism so many of US have had to . But that dream can only come true if we all work hard to make a change by being kinder to ourselves and others #letsnotjudgeeachother Ditch the sarongs girls because …… ‘Those that mind don’t matter and those that MATTER don’t mind !’ Dr Seuss ( and NOT Gandhi as I thought for years 😂😂😂) ‘It’s hot there so take off all your clothes !’ 😂😂😂😂💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💜💜💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 Great accounts to follow for inspiration … @danaemercer @em_clarkson @chessiekingg @limitless_em @iamsairakhan @sashalouisepallari @danceyertitsoff @mark_adderley (for the male perspective on all this bollocks !) DO YOU ALWAYS COVER UP ? Would you love to free yourself from the shackles or ‘stinking thinking ‘ #bodyconfidence #slowmotion #slowmotionvideo #slomo

    A post shared by Nadia Sawalha (@nadiasawalha) on

    I am throwing it out there that @nadiasawalha is kind, lovely, thoughtful, generous and EXTREMELY supportive. Not just to me, but I’ve seen it to others. #justsaying,’ wrote comedian Lee Peart. 

    Nadia has always been so lovely and kind to me. She hasn’t got a nasty bone in her body,’ added another.

    Meanwhile, other Tweeters pointed out that things could turn awkward between the Loose Women in light of Melanie’s fiery post.

    I think before you go around saying hurtful stuff you should think about how this impacts your clients a.k.a @NolanColeen and @sairakh especially because the latter is very close to Nadia,’ a fan said.

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