‘I'm going to be a 60-year-old astronaut!’ Lorraine Kelly celebrates the big 6-0

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly turns 60 tomorrow and has already fulfilling her lifelong outer-space ambitions.

Lorraine Kelly celebrates the big 6-0 on 30 November, but instead of wishing to turn back the clock, the Scottish TV star celebrated her milestone birthday by training to be an astronaut.

Ahead of her birthday celebrations she's already started her training by jetting off to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. She joined the NASA astronauts to experience zero gravity. Lorraine, describing the experience, said "It's going to be really touching and I'll probably cry. It's a fulfilment of a lifetime ambition."

Fans care about the TV star and often ask Where is Lorraine Kelly? (opens in new tab) when she's not on her show.

From NASA, Lorraine and husband Steve Smith travelled to Los Angeles, to be taken on board a converted plane G-Force One, otherwise known as The Vomit Comet. Lorraine's first outer-space experience included, pouring cups of tea, catching floating sweets in and her mouth, and bouncing around the plane in zero-gravity.

She later revealed on her TV show, "It was a childhood dream come true. I watched the moon landings as a 10-year-old and it was absolutely life changing...


"Here we are 50 years on and I’m going to get to experience a small part of what people like Neil Armstrong experienced. At the age of 60, I’m going back to school, but this is astronaut school."

Previously, Lorraine told our sister magazine Woman's Own, "When I was a kid, I watched the moon landing and I thought, 'I’d really like to do that.' I’m going to do astronaut training in America. My training starts soon, so if all the astronauts in the world are suddenly ill and they can’t do it then I’ll be there."

Taking to Instagram to share a clip of her time in Florida, Lorraine revealed the experience was an early birthday gift was from her Lorraine team. She said, "This was awesome ! An early 60th birthday present from my top @lorraine team!"

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Her TV crew at Lorraine arranged the birthday experience to coincide with her time off. She previously explained to Woman's Own, "I won’t be off screen – my training is when I’d usually be off anyway. I’m really looking forward to it. How lucky am I that I do a job that enables me to do that! It’s ridiculous."

And after 35 years in the industry, she’s celebrating a work anniversary, too – having started her career on TV-AM back in 1984. But she warns it isn’t all fun and games in TV Land. "Every day is different – some days are better than others," she says.

While on holiday over the summer, Lorraine broke the internet when she uploaded a poolside snap of herself in a white bikini, which she captioned, "In the most AMAZING place @Shahpurabagh – an absolute gem. Chilling by the pool. #nofilter #rajasthan #india #bliss #loveit #happy."

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But a modest Lorraine was totally baffled by the stir it caused. She says, "That was daft. Look at me – I’d been in India two and a half weeks and eaten the world and it was all in my tummy and I thought let’s just celebrate who we are. We’re all striving to be perfect and there’s no such thing. You shouldn’t need to filter yourself."

So once she hits 60, will Lorraine dare to bare more?

"There won’t be any more snaps like that – I don’t think the world needs that. It was just because I was on holiday and thought, 'What the hell!'"

We think you always look fab, Lorraine!

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