Matthew Wright and wife Amelia open up about stalker who wanted to ‘snatch’ their baby

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  • Matthew Wright and Amelia Wright appeared on Lorraine on Monday, to discuss their terrifying ordeal with a stalker which affected them for six months.

    Speaking openly about the terrifying experience, Matthew Wright supported his wife Amelia as she explained that the stalker had threatened to snatch her baby and would shout abuse through the letterbox.

    Amelia revealed, “I was on my own and she was shouting through the letterbox ‘I’m gonna find the maternity ward where you are and I’m gonna wait outside for you and the baby.'”

    Lorraine noted that this stalker would’ve been aware of Amelia’s miscarriages and difficulty conceiving, and branded the stalker as “cruel” for saying those things. The couple’s daughter Cassady was born in 2019 after eight years of IVF.

    Matthew added, “It went on… on the final visit we obviously got the police involved. They had a word with her and that didn’t seem to do any good. The final visit when I was in the house with her she said things like ‘I want to hold the baby, I want the baby’.”

    Amelia nodded, and continued, “Just after Cassady was born she turned up on the doorstep, I was on my own and she was trying to push her hand through the letterbox saying ‘I want the baby, I want to hold the baby, give me the baby.’ I mean… can you imagine what that would do to a new mum?”

    Matthew admitted that they were scared to leave the house as a result of this stalker. He added, “When we did go out of the house together, [Amelia] would be looking down every side street and every door way, expecting to see her. We were expecting anyone to leap out.”

    Amelia revealed, “I didn’t want to go out the house because she said she was going to snatch the baby. And you can imagine how you just live in fear and terror.”

    It was revealed that the stalker was a regular audience member for The Wright Stuff, and branded herself as a ‘super-fan’ of Matthew.