Mrs Hinch opens up about how gastric band surgery left her with scars along her arms

mrs hinch scars arms gastric band surgery
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Mrs Hinch has opened up about how having surgery left her with scars.

Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, underwent gastric band weight loss surgery when she was 21 years old, which ended up leading to problems with the skin on her arms.

And now the social media star has opened up about the physical scars left behind, sharing a close-up photo of her scars in an Instagram story and praising her dress for helping her feel covered.

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"In all honesty, I also like this dress because it also covers my arms,” she wrote alongside the photo.

"Lots of you already know about this because it's written in my first book but I had surgery on my arms once so I of course have been left with scarring but this dress makes me feel like my arms are covered."

"Maybe this is a strange picture but...THIS IS ME,” she added, “and I think it's so important for people to remember that everyone has their own story to tell, we are all special in our own way."

Why did Mrs Hinch have surgery on her arms?

In the star’s first book that she published last year, Hinch Yourself Happy, Mrs Hinch revealed that having her gastric band fitted led to an eight-stone weight loss, which left her with excess skin on her arms.

I kept getting problems with excess skin,’ she revealed in the book. ‘It was getting inflamed and blistering. It was painful.

‘If I bought a size 10 or 12 top or jacket in a shop, it would fit me everywhere else but not the arms. I was smaller but I still couldn't buy clothes in the size I actually was.

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Sophie, who recently announced the launch of a new memoir, explained that this led to her armpit becoming infected back in 2016, when doctors told her that the skin would need to be removed as soon as possible.

They had to drain them urgently and blast the IV with antibiotics,’ Sophie explained, after revealing that her arms ‘blew up to three times their size’.

‘I ended up staying in hospital for two weeks and I genuinely thought I was going to lose my left arm at one point,’ she added.

Why does Mrs Hinch have scars on her arms?

While the surgery all went well for the star, it has now left her with permanent scars on her arms.

Sophie has previously admitted that she tries to cover up the scars as much as possible with the outfits she wears, as they make her feel insecure.

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Though she stunned in gorgeous strapless dresses for both her wedding day to husband Jamie back in 2018 and the baby shower she celebrated when she was pregnant with one-year-old son Ronnie.

We love all of Sophie’s glam outfits regardless!

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