Nadia Sawalha reveals lockdown hair drama in hilarious video

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  • Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha opened up to fans about her hair drama, as she hasn't been able to access a hairdresser.

    Because of lockdown, salons across the country have closed their doors for the forseeable, and Nadia Sawalha is among those struggling with her hair at home.

    Taking to Instagram, Nadia wrote, ‘SOS 🆘 I didn’t realise I look 90 years old from the back !!!! How are your roots girls ???? What are you using to fight the grey ????’

    Alongside her caption she shared a hilarious video where she said, “Hair looks alright from the front, doesn’t it girls?” before showing off the back of her hair.

    She then screamed in horror shouting “SOS!” as she revealed her grey roots to the camera.

    Thankfully for Nadia, fans were quick to offer support and advice on her hair dilemma.

    One wrote, ‘L’Oréal root spray touch up, brilliant stuff until hairdresser opens . Been covering my grey with it . Washes out too if it goes wrong’

    Another added, ‘Get a box and do root touch up I’ve been doing mine just section it off, works in the meantime’

    However a third said that there was nothing wrong with grey hair, adding, ‘I’m embracing the grey😍’

    And a fourth agreed, saying, ‘You’re still beautiful ❤️ greys in fashion!’

    Whatever Nadia Sawalha decides to do with her hair, fans also thanked her for her honesty during uncertain times.

    One fan told the star, ‘Love your honesty @nadiasawalhaandfamily ❤️, luckily I had mine highlighted just before lockdown’.

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    We definitely can’t wait to get back to our regular salons though, we miss it!

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