Nadiya Hussain reveals she and husband Abdal plan to adopt a child

Nadiya Hussain

She’s a busy working mum-of-three, but Nadiya Hussain has confessed and her husband are planning to adopt a child.

Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya, 35, featured on the latest episode of Netmums’ podcast Sweat, Snot & Tears, and confessed that bringing another child into their lives is something she and Abdal have discussed regularly. 

Nadiya said, "We’re always really open to adoption, there’s space for it in our heart and our home. We talk about it all the time.

"Once we’re emotionally in the right place, I think we will do it. We have so much love to give, it’s something we already think about."

Nadiya Hussain and husband Abdal Hussain at the National Television Awards

Nadiya and husband Abdal | Getty

Nadiya and Abdal are already parents to Musa, 14, Dawyd, 13, and 10-year-old Maryam, and it sounds like the author runs a tight ship at home! 

She added, "All my kids do chores around the house - I really believe in it. Friday night is ironing night… they all divide it up and do it. I want them to be ready for the world. On a Sunday, they spend three hours dusting the house. They really hate it!"

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During her appearance on the podcast, Nadiya also opened up about her mental health and confessed that she’s lived with anxiety since she was just seven-years-old. 

Nadiya said, "I thought for a long time about how much I wanted to talk about my anxiety. I was riddled with it since the age of 7 and have learnt to live with it. 

"I genuinely believe you can be really successful and motivated and be fragile and have mental health issues at the same time. 

"I was losing days and weeks with the children because I couldn’t get out of bed. The kids just thought I was tired. I  spent a lot of years lying to my children, but there’s strength in telling the truth."

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