Netflix’s upcoming Princess Diana musical has royal fans divided

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  • A musical about Princess Diana will premiere on Netflix before heading to Broadway, but some royal fans have called the concept 'disrespectful'.

    Good Morning Britain discussed the Princess Diana musical on Tuesday, asking viewers, ‘Is it disrespectful to make a musical about Princess Diana’s life and death?’.

    The news programme shared this question on Twitter, and 68.6 per cent of respondents agreed that the musical was disrespectful to the late Princess, her friends and family.

    That left 31.4 per cent saying they didn’t think the musical was a disrespectful thing to do. To date, the poll has over 9,000 votes.

    Royal fans were certainly divided on the idea, with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the controversial musical.

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    One wrote, ‘It’s absolutely abhorrent…why can’t people just allow this lady to rest in peace.’

    Another added, ‘I think it’s a disgrace!!! Allow Diana to rest in peace & allow her boys to move on. We adored her, we always will, we do not need tacky musicals to help us remember that’

    Princess Diana musical

    A musical is set to tell the story of Princess Diana’s life and death. (Credit: Getty Images)

    And a third wrote, ‘Yes of course it is. Especially when her sons are still living. It’s someone trying to profit from a Royal’s death. And you’d have to be a bit odd to want to go to this anyway?!’

    However, some viewers thought the musical was a good idea and no different to others that had been made about public figures throughout history.

    One argued, ‘Diana is historic and history tells a story. Why can’t it be seen as a celebration of her life rather than the negative. She’s not the first person a musical has been written about.’

    Another agreed, adding, ‘We make films and musicals about so many actual people, why is Diana any different? Can’t see it being any good though. They’ve failed to make a decent movie of her life so a musical doesn’t fill me with hope.’

    The musical will be filmed without an audience at the Longacre Theatre in New York, and will be the first Broadway production to premiere on the small screen before its official stage debut.

    It’s set to be on Broadway in May 2021, after the ongoing pandemic caused delays.

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