‘You have nice feet for a man’ Top Gear’s Paddy McGuinness and wife Christine compete over who has the best feet

Paddy McGuinness and his wife Christine are battling it out to see who has the highest feet arches - and fans are surprised how good his look.
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  • The Top Gear host took to Instagram to brag about how curvy his feet are and uploaded a snap to prove his point.

    He captioned it, ‘Still got the highest arches in the game. #higharches #braggingrights #highestofthehigh #goat #busescandriveunderthem’

    But wife Christine, with whom he has three children – twins Penelope and Leo, six, and daughter felicity, three, is quick to steal his crown. She wrote, ‘My arches are higher than yours, deal with it! Curves in all the right places.’

    And it causes a debate, with Paddy adding, ‘please don’t even start! I am the GOAT!’

    Are Paddy’s high foot arches good?

    It’s thought high feet arches is not always a good thing, as when we walk or run, the feet absorb most of the impact but those with high arches have less area to absorb this impact, resulting in excessive pressure being placed on the rear foot and fore foot areas. Making them susceptible to foot conditions such as heel pain and ball or foot pain.

    Shocked at how good Paddy’s feet look, one fan wrote, ‘are those feet real? Not seen arches like that since EastEnders’ and another put, ‘I was more concerned as to why his feet look so feminine and pruned!’ and Paddy was quick to defend his feet.

    He wrote, ‘They’re taller than you!’

    And fans love the banter. One wrote, ‘You two are brilliant, I can only wish to find a relationship like you two have, you’re truly blessed and funny.’

    But Christine doesn’t let her husband win the debate. She replied, ‘You can be the goat, I’m practically a ballerina.’

    Another fan accused Paddy of “filtering his feet” but he suggested that wasn’t the case, and replied, ‘I’ll take that as a compliment!’

    And here’s Paddy’s feet in action…

    Another pointed out, ‘Would have bet on you having hairy toes… not hair in sight on those trotters so that’s a surprise.’

    And Paddy couldn’t wait to boast, ‘Smooth size 9s…and baby soft.’

    And actress Fay Ripley even joined in, she cheekily wrote, ‘You know what they say, “High Arches, Massive..” Oh damn I can’t remember.’