‘She’s is so dull’ Why Piers Morgan loves to tease Susanna Reid for being ‘miserable’

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  • She’s usually a ray of sunshine presenting Good Morning Britain beside self-confessed grump Piers Morgan, but Susanna Reid has been out of sorts recently and he thinks it’s her abstinence from alcohol that’s making her ‘miserable’.

    Having ditched the booze back in 2019, Susanna, 49, has managed to remain teetotal during lockdown and Piers, 55, has questioned her decision.

    ‘No wonder you’re so miserable,’ he said. ‘Get a bottle of wine and treat yourself.’

    Susanna herself has admitted that she is ‘a lot less fun’ since quitting the booze, saying, ‘Piers and I would have these big nights out…but I haven’t done one of those since I stopped drinking. Basically, I’m a lot less fun now – as Piers tells me all the time.’

    It’s not uncommon for Piers to tease Susanna – it’s part of the banter that comes with their ‘TV marriage’ – and Susanna often gives as good as she gets. But, aside from their on-screen swordplay, Susanna has been out of sorts recently, admitting she’s been struggling with her mental health.

    Working with Piers for five years presumably means she’s developed a thick skin, but that doesn’t stop her being affected by social media, which she says has made her reach ‘breaking point’. For this reason, she is stepping away from the internet for ‘the sake of her sanity’.

    Susanna made the shock decision to give up drinking back in 2019 and lost over a stone as a result.

    While the rest of the world has perhaps relied a little more on a glass of vino at the end of the day during lockdown, Susanna has miraculously managed to abstain.

    ‘I haven’t had a drink, with lockdown, it’s enforced my teetotal [commitment],’ she said.

    Piers Morgan, in comparison, says he’s drinking more than ever and blames Susanna’s sobriety on why she’s so miserable.

    Explaining why he’s relying on alcohol more than usual amid the coronavirus pandemic, he said, ‘You can’t do anything. The days are too long. I don’t sit on my own in the kitchen.’

    Poking fun at Susanna, he added, ‘Is it not boring that she doesn’t drink? I find her very dull since she’s stopped.’

    Susanna’s job in the limelight comes with pros and cons but lockdown has seen her struggle with some of the criticism levelled at her.

    ‘You have to develop a thick skin, and I have grown used to criticism,’ she muses. ‘I find objections [online] every day to what I’m wearing, how I’ve done my make-up and why my hair is a mess.

    ‘I’m told I argue too much with Piers, but also that I agree too often and am a nodding lap dog.’

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    If it’s not her opinions Susanna is trolled for, it’s often the way she looks. ‘Have you noticed how ugly Morgan has become and how stupid Reid is beginning to look?’ is just one of the comments she has received.

    She says, ‘I’m told I’m too fat, too thin, too old and too stupid. Spoilt, narcissistic and attention- seeking are common insults, although honestly, no one on TV is going to be offended by the accusation that they seek attention. We’re hardly shrinking violets.’

    While the former Strictly star has previously shrugged it off, it seems that it’s all beginning to take its toll on Susanna. ‘There are times when even thick skin gets thinner,’ she admits.

    Susanna is, by her own admission, at breaking point. And, given that she and Piers are ‘genuine friends’ off-air, he’ll no doubt be concerned.

    Being a prominent figure on social media has meant that the TV star is often on the receiving end of harsh criticism, but the past few months have been too much to bear, with Susanna saying, ‘I’m finally at breaking point, and I’m taking a step back from all the nastiness.’

    It’s not the first time Susanna – who is mum to Sam, 17, Finn, 15, and 14-year-old Jack – has confessed to struggling.

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    While it may look like the star has the perfect life, juggling parenting with a busy work schedule doesn’t always come easy and she isn’t immune from feeling overwhelmed.

    ‘I’m a woman who adores her family but sometimes struggles, and a woman who cares about our society and our country – and isn’t afraid to speak her mind,’ she said.

    While Susanna struggles with the online criticism, rumours that her love life is back on track will be a welcome distraction. Reports suggest she’s rekindled her romance with Crystal Palace chairman, Steve Parish.

    The couple split last year after nine months, but an insider reveals a reunion could be on the cards. ‘They’ve obviously decided to give things another go and have been together quite frequently. Steve has been over a few times. It’s quite conspicuous when he goes there because he has a very flash car.’

    The insider says the pair have ‘always got on well’ – despite their brief separation.

    Hopefully, with some time away from social media and the support of ‘good friend’ Piers, Susanna can focus on her future happiness.

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