‘Let’s not do that again’ Robbie Williams reveals what really annoys him about wife Ayda Field and she’s not impressed

The couple discussed pet peeves in their latest podcast episode
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  • Robbie Williams has revealed what really annoys him about wife Ayda Field and she was not impressed!

    Robbie Williams and Ayda Field welcomed a very special guest to their latest podcast episode. Gwen Field, Ayda’s mum, joined the couple to discuss everything from annoying habits, to Gwen’s devastating cervical cancer diagnosis. 

    And while the conversation was extremely moving – with Gwen talking about the heart-wrenching moment she received her diagnosis – it was also typically humorous, with Robbie and Ayda stopping for a little tiff part of the way through.

    “Things that annoy me about you,” Robbie started.

    “Oh, let’s not do that again. We’ll get into a domestic in front of Gwen,” Ayda warned.

    “Yeah, but I want to figure out why you do this,” Robbie, not one to be deterred, continued. “Leaving doors open. Like, for example, when you leave the bedroom, you just leave the door open.”

    Ayda was astounded at her husband’s accusation.

    “Can I just say something? You do the exact same thing,” she said. “You 100% do. It’s going to be a she said/he said on this one.”

    To which Robbie quipped in response: “It will be a she said a lie, he said a truth. That’s what it’ll be.”

    But Ayda had some complaints of her own to voice. “You know when you shave your head? Can you clean up the hair on the floor?” she said.

    “Yeah I do, why don’t you just like I do, go: ‘I’m a bad person and I’m trying to be better.’ When I say things to you, you instantly have things to say back,” an irritated Robbie said.

    Bringing some light to the argument Ayda admitted, “A pet peeve of yours that I do is not turn off the lights all the time. And that is something I do do, but the door thing… nah. Keep on moving Rob.”

    The famously funny couple married in Los Angeles in 2010, and have four children together – Teddy, Charlie, Coco and Beau, who was welcomed via surrogate earlier this year. The family of six have been documenting their quarantine from Los Angeles, where they have been enjoying the sunshine by the pool and keeping busy with their (Staying) At Home With The Williamses podcast.

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