Robbie Williams shares heartbreaking reason why he never wanted children

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  • Celebrity couple Robbie Williams and Ayda Field have four children, but previously the singer-songwriter didn't want to have any.

    Robbie Williams opened up on their podcast Staying At Home With The Williamses, where he revealed that he never wanted to be a father at first.

    He had grown up in a ‘broken home’, and confessed that he was terrified he wouldn’t know how to look after child when he couldn’t look after himself.

    Robbie explained, “I remember thinking, ‘Oh I don’t want the same thing as Ayda. I want her, but I don’t want the family, for many reasons.

    “How can I raise someone when I can’t raise myself and I come from a broken home? So what is the point of me actually doing this?”

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    He added, “It wasn’t a selfish reason it was a sort of humane reason when I am at war in my own head every single day.

    “And I can’t look after myself so how can I justify bringing someone into the world?”

    Robbie and Ayda are loving parents to Teddy, seven; Charlie, five; Coco, 18 months, and Beau, who was born this year.

    And it seemed Teddy had an instant impact on the then first-time father, as he recalled what it was like seeing his son for the first time.

    Robbie added, “It’s that moment when Teddy just looked at me and the universe looked at me.

    “And just that connection of this overwhelming euphoric feeling higher than any drug, and more real than any pill or any powder or alcohol. And I think in that moment I got it.”

    In addition, he said that the experience of having children made his life ‘fuller’ and that he feels more ‘content’ now he has a family of his own.