Robbie Williams hints at plans to move back to UK amid fears for his kids

Robbie Williams
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Robbie Williams has hinted he may be ready to ditch life in LA for the sake of his kids.

The British pop icon lives across the pond in Los Angeles with his wife Ayda Field and their children, Teddy, Seven, Charlton, five, Colette, one, and five-month-old Beau.

But the former Take That member, who takes part in Soccer Aid 2022, has opened up on his fears for his little ones when it comes to them growing up in the star-studded California city they currently call home.

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Blasting LA folk's "entitled" children, Robbie admitted, "There are some bad things about LA too. I didn’t even know the word ‘entitlement’ until I got here.

"There are these kids with a sense of entitlement because of the place they were born and the parents they have and having the money that they have.

"I was like, ‘I don’t want my kids anywhere near these kids’. I’d never seen it in my life before and it literally made me slack jawed," the star told The Sun.

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This comes after Robbie and Loose Women panellist Ayda came clean about the troubles they faced in their relationship before getting married.

The loved up pair, who tied the know back in 2010, didn’t have a totally smooth ride at the beginning of their romance and were an on-off couple for a while.

Spilling the beans on the rockier patches of their time together, on their podcast (Staying) At Home With The Williamses, Ayda and Robbie explained that they broke up and got back together three times before they said "I do".

Admitting that his issues with addiction meant that he struggled to stay committed to the relationship, Robbie explained why he kept ending things with Ayda.

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“You were in a dark place and did some dark things. Obviously my heart was broken many times, but we got over it,” Ayda said during the candid chat.

“By dark things you mean finishing with you three times,” Robbie continued.

Ayda chipped in, "It wasn’t just finishing with me three times, it was more that when you finished with me you didn’t tell me you were finishing with me, you just disappeared and then delivered my stuff in garbage bags.

“You Houdini-ed and then garbage bags came my way like three weeks later. And my car on a flatbed truck with a bill to pay the flatbed truck,” the American actress added, confessing it added an “extra sting” to the split.

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