The heartbreaking reason Rylan may be forced to quit Gogglebox

We're so sad about this...
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  • Rylan Clark-Neal has admitted he and his mum Linda may be forced to give up their spots on Celebrity Gogglebox.

    The hilarious TV star and his equally loveable mum became firm favourites among loyal Gogglebox fans when they began appearing in the star studded version of the Channel 4 series.

    However, the former X-Factor star has confessed that he and Linda may be unable to leave the nation laughing from the comfort of their sofa again.

    Linda suffers from Crohn’s, an inflammatory bowel disease, and was left fighting for her life when she contracted sepsis in 2018.

    Explaining that his and Linda’s fate on Gogglebox depends on how she is coping with her health issues, Rylan said, “It’ll be a year away now, we were really lucky to be part of the first one and the second one.

    “It’ll all just depend on what we’re doing and if my mum’s well enough.

    “We’re never gonna say never we don’t know what position we’re going to be in eventually,” the Essex native told the Mirror.

    Rylan also joked about how Linda’s sudden rise to fame has left her a little dumbstruck, saying, “She’s not dealing with her fame, she doesn’t really know. She’s not on social media and I’m never gonna let her be.

    “The odd person might stop her and say ‘Hello Linda’ and she’ll go “Hello, you alright?’ She’ll carry on walking and go ‘Who the f**k was that? How do i know them?'”

    Rylan previously opened up about how Linda’s ill health has meant the iconic mother-son duo have had to turn down hundreds of opportunities.

    “We’ve been offered hundreds of things. We got asked to do a travel show and the chance to go here and go there.

    “It would be hilarious, but she’s just not well enough to do it.

    “Gogglebox is enough for us. She feels comfortable doing that show because we’re just sat in my kitchen.”