Sarah-Jane Crawford announces she is expecting her second child with Brian Barry-Murphy

Sarah Jane Crawford attends the European Premiere of "Collateral Beauty" at Vue Leicester Square on December 15, 2016 in London, England.
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Sarah-Jane Crawford has announced that she and Irish football pro Brian Barry-Murphy are expecting their second child.

After experiencing fertility troubles and being told that she could need to undergo IVF to conceive (opens in new tab), the TV and radio star described being pregnant as "surreal".

She told Hello! magazine, "I never thought I'd have one baby, let alone two."

Sarah had a miscarriage (opens in new tab) before becoming pregnant with Summer, her 11-month-old daughter. She went on to say that she is looking forward to having two little children of similar ages because  "there's a lot of practical reasons and emotional reasons, in terms of siblings, why it's good".

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The excited new mum announced that she is expecting the baby in the autumn, meaning there'll only be 16 months between Summer and her new sibling.

The vegan star admitted that she has been craving meat while pregnant (opens in new tab)  but that she is determined not to give in.

Adding she hasn't "touched meat in six years" and that she is afraid of becoming unwell if she "suddenly begins eating meat".

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She admitted at the age of 39, things may not be as easy, although, explaining, "We find it hard to accept that we have evolved as a human race in so many ways – women are now more educated than ever before, we have impressive careers.

"But ultimately, what hasn't changed is that there will come a day, on average, in your 40s, where you can't have any more children. And that's just the fact of the matter."

The family's new addition will be football manager Brian's third child as he also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Speaking on their "blended family" Sarah previously said, "Blending a family is a special thing. I've come from a blended family too."

Adding, "Brian is very excited to be a dad all over again. He loves being a dad and he knew [being a parent] is something I really wanted, too. It's a new chapter in our relationship."

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