Susanna Reid worries she’s given coronavirus to elderly 79-year-old mum

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  • Susanna Reid has confessed she's worried she could have given coronavirus to her 79-year-old mum, Sue.

    The Good Morning Britain presenter is currently in self-isolation with her sons Finn, Jack and Sam after one of them developed a cough.

    Over 70s have been categorised as vulnerable to coronavirus, and advised to self-isolate for three months.

    And now, Susanna has revealed the whole family met with her elderly mum for lunch before they went into quarantine, so there’s a chance one of them may have passed it on to her.

    Writing in her Daily Mail column, she explained: “While I hate missing work, naturally my biggest concern as we hunker down for our self-isolation over the next two weeks is Mum. Have I already put her at risk of the infection? The thought is agonising. But my mother is as pragmatic as ever.

    “I want to find out for sure whether it’s coronavirus, so we can put our minds at rest. Self-isolating when it might just be a cold is all right for me because I’ll still get paid — but can everyone afford to take two weeks off work when their child has a cough and they don’t?”

    Susanna added the family will continue to call her mum everyday and do a Facetime party on Mother’s Day.

    Susanna and her family have been self-isolating since the start of the week after her son developed a cough.

    Speaking from her home via Skype on Monday, Susanna reassured she is fit and well but is following Government advice issued by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

    The Prime Minister told Brits who feel ill to stay at home for at least 14 days – which includes everyone you live with.

    Susanna told her followers: “I am currently well but due to the new advice today I will be self-isolating for two weeks due to symptoms in my household. Stay well everyone.”