Susanna Reid opens up about turning 50: ‘It’s not the cut-off point any more’

The Good Morning Britain star feels ‘more comfortable with herself’ now than when she was younger
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  • Susanna Reid has opened up about turning 50 at the end of this year, admitting she no longer sees ageing as a negative.

    The Good Morning Britain star admitted she “definitely feels more comfortable” with herself now than she did in her younger years.

    Using other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez who have turned 50 as an example, Susanna said: “Look at J.Lo, oh my days. 50 is energetic – it’s not the cut-off point any more.

    “It’s absolutely powering through. I definitely feel more comfortable with myself.”

    The 49-year-old continued: “One of the things I really noticed about looking back at myself on TV 20 years ago, is that I wasn’t very comfortable with me.

    “I remember looking at myself in the mirror and thinking: ‘Why don’t I look like Patsy Kensit?’ She was my absolute idol. Finally, approaching 50, I’ve realised I’m never going to look like Patsy Kensit!

    “Age is totally irrelevant. It is just another day and my motto has always been that ageing is a blessing,” she added to The Sun. “We are lucky to be working, thriving, enjoying life – I have a great career, I’m very happy.”

    And just because Susanna is gearing up to join The 50 Club in December, she isn’t putting any extra pressure on herself.

    She added: “I feel like 50 is the year not to put pressure on myself. It’s like relaxed, rolling into 50 rather than trying to be my best self.

    “For years we had this idea of constant self-improvement, whereas now there’s much more of a self-acceptance.

    “That idea of being your best self presumes that you’re a little bit less than that all the time. I’ve got to an age where this is who I am and I’m happy with that.”