Why is Boris Johnson wearing wheat in his pocket and what does it mean?

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Viewers are wondering why is Boris Johnson wearing wheat pins on his lapel in Parliament today and what does it mean?

Viewers watching MPs in Parliament today will be eagerly awaiting to hear about Boris Johnson's reported cabinet re-shuffle but people are also asking why Boris Johnson, who unveiled his plans for the Covid booster jab (opens in new tab) scheme yesterday, Keir Starmer and MPs in the Commons are are wearing a wheat symbol on their clothes.

The three strands of wheat can be seen pinned to the suits of MPs during their House of Commons appearance today as Boris Johnson, who recently visited the Queen in Balmoral (opens in new tab), faces his weekly stint of Prime Minister's Questions.

So, why is Boris Johnson wearing wheat today and what exactly does the wheat badge mean?

Why is Boris Johnson wearing wheat?

Boris Johnson is wearing wheat along with MPs today to celebrate Back British Farming Day.

The scheme, which is run by the National Farmers' Union (NFU), is designed to improve awareness for local farming.

MPs from all political parties have come together to make a united front by wearing heads of wheat to celebrate Back British Farming Day.

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The National Farmer's Union (NFU) tweeted on Wednesday morning, 'Today is #BackBritishFarmingDay, a chance to celebrate all the hard work British farmers do to keep the nation fed. Follow @NFUTweets throughout the day as they share the best of British farming.

'It's #PMQs now in the House of Commons and you may be seeing a lot of MPs wearing these badges and wondering what they mean.

'We've invited all MPs to show their support for British farming on #BackBritishFarmingDay by wearing a wool and wheatsheaf pin badge.'

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Speaking about the importance of buying local produce, in answer to @SirRogerGale's question in #PMQs, BorisJohnson says that "he is absolutely right about the importance of buying British and eating British. Our food is the best in the world." #BackBritishFarmingDay.

Boris, who recently mourned the death of his beloved mother (opens in new tab), was facing tough questions from MPs.

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Why are people wearing wheat?

But it's not just politicians who are wearing wheat today. Members of the public and farmers themselves are able to don pieces of wheat sheaf to show their support for the British farming industry.

Now in its sixth year, on Back British Farming Day the NFU is holding several events to reinforce to policy makers the importance of British farming.

How to show your support for Back British Farming Day

  • Download and print this sign (opens in new tab), take a photo with it, and post it to social media on 15 September or before to show the world you are celebrating Back British Farming Day.
  • Facebook frames and Twibbons that you overlay onto your Facebook and Twitter profile are easy to use and are the quickest way of showing that you support a campaign.
  • Or there are some tweets for you to use on Back British Farming Day. Just visit NFU (opens in new tab) and copy and paste the examples into Twitter.