Why is Warwick Davis not on Tenable and has he been replaced?

Fans have been wondering...
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  • Why is Warwick Davis not on Tenable and has he been replaced?

    Warwick Davis has been missing from Tenable this week as viewers start to wonder what has happened to the host.

    The actor-turned-TV host has been presenting the ITV game show since it first launched back in 2016 but fans of the show have become concerned as to why Warwick isn’t on Tenable lately.

    Tenable airs at 3pm daily on ITV and the programme asks contestants to give the answers to five list-based questions such as The first 10 James Bond films or The first 10 Spice Girls singles, with teams working together to be in with the chance of taking home a whopping £125,000.

    Warwick hasn’t been hosting Tenable recently, instead, former Coronation Street star Sally Lindsay, who is mum to twin boys, has stepped in.

     Why is Warwick Davis not on Tenable?

    Warwick Davis will be missing 25 episodes of Tenable. His hectic filming schedule has meant he’s been unable to commit to both Tenable and his other work – such as filming TV series Willow.

    Warwick, who suffered the heartbreaking death of two children, has numerous films under his belt including Harry Potter, Star Wars, and sitcom Life’s Too Short.

    But while Warwick has remained tight-lipped on which show he is currently in production with, it’s understood the team behind the upcoming sequel to Ron Howard’s dark fantasy film Willow, which was announced for Disney Plus last year, is currently in production and expected to be available to stream by 2022.

    But fans have noticed his absence, with one tweeting, ‘Tenable without Warwick Davis? Absolutely not’ and another fan asked, ‘when’s Warwick Davis coming back? #tenable

    Has Warwick Davis left Tenable?

    Warwick Davis hasn’t left Tenable, he has simply taken time out to concentrate on filming his other projects and therefore has Sally Linday helping him host.

    Instead of replacing Warwick, ITV has sought a job share presenter to cover the shows he is unable to film – with Sally hosting 25 episodes of the game show.

    Over the summer Warwick has celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary with his wife Sammy and most recently he has taken time out from his busy schedule to join Olly Murs on stage at his recent gig at Singleton Park.

    He tweeted, I asked my mate @ollymurs for tickets to his gig… I requested a front row seat so I could see but this is crazy! He’s got me seated on the actual stage. #verycool.’

    He tweeted to his fans earlier this year to let them know of the temporary change to the schedule. His tweet read, When you tune in to @Tenable at 3pm on @itv today, you’ll notice I look a lot like the fabulous @sally_lindsay Sally is stepping into my hosting shoes for a run of shows while I’m in pre-production for another project.’

    Warwick wanted to reassure fans of the show that they are in safe hands, he added, ‘With this change, You can be assured of 2 things – the jokes won’t be as bad and the show will have a touch more glamour! Thanks for your continued support. Cheers!Break a leg Sally! x’

    Why is Sally Linsday on Tenable?

    The Coronation Street and Mount Pleasant star will be sharing Tenable presenting duties from now on, with Sally fronting 25 episodes of the popular game show.

    Sally recently explained why Warwick is no longer Tenable’s sole host, she said, “The demands of his workload meant that he wasn’t able to record every show in the series.”

    Sally has hosted Tenable this week when a special aired featuring the London City Lionesses took part in the game show to raise money for Soccer Aid for Unicef.

    Sally also shared that Warwick has given her some advice ahead of her show debut, she added, “He said just be in tune with the people, it is the public who make this show what it is.”

    It’s thought that Sally will continue to host Series five throughout April and into May, and it is not yet clear when the current series will finish but Sally has been covering for Warwick in August.