Grey’s Anatomy star Caterina Scorsone opens up on saving her 3 kids from house fire in which their 4 pets died

The actress, best known for playing Dr Amelia Shepherd in the ABC medical drama had a real-life emergency

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Grey's Anatomy star Caterina Scorsone has recalled the terrifying moment she saved her 3 kids from a house fire that killed their 4 pets.

The Canadian-American actress has only just opened up about a blaze at her family home that took place two months ago, and saw her bravely save her three daughters, Eliza, 10, Paloma, six, and Arwen - who she changed the name of to Lucinda, three, from the burning building.

She has the children with her ex-husband Rob Giles.

Recalling the rescue, she wrote, "While getting my kids ready for bed and finishing bath time, smoke began to seep up through the grout around the tub.

“When I looked down the hallway a river of thick black smoke had already formed and was filling the house.

“One thing about fires: they happen fast. I had about two minutes to get my three kids out of the house, and we escaped with less than shoes on our feet. But we got out. And for that I am eternally grateful."

But while it was a lucky escape for Caterina and her children, their four family pets died in the blaze, and the loss is something she admits she is still struggling with.

"Heartbreakingly, we lost all four of our pets. We are still sitting with that loss, but we are lucky we got to love them at all," she said.

Since sharing the post, fans have sent their best wishes to her, one wrote, "I’m so very sorry for your incredible loss…glad you and your girls got out safely, heartbroken for y’all losing your sweet pets. You are such a good mom and you have a great perspective in the midst of such hardship."

Another fan put, "Oh this is heartbreaking. So sorry for the loss of your pets and glad you and your children are safe"

And a third said, "I am so very sorry about your loss! Both house and furry loved ones! My heart is with you while you are grieving them!"

Caterina went on to praise the community in which she lives in for their 'incredible' support.

In what she describes as her "love letter" to them, she wrote, "Thank you to the firefighters and the investigators (thank you Trey!) Thank you to my neighbor who answered our frantic knocks at her door. Thank you to the parents at my kids’ school who sent toys and books, my friends who sent clothing and supplies, my sisters who flew in to handle logistics so that I could be with my kids. Thank you to my team who made everything easier." She concluded, "What we learned is that the only thing that matters are the people (and beings) that you love. The only thing that matters is community. We would not be here without it and we are so grateful. Thank you."

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