Harlan Coben Netflix shows - all you need to know about his TV adaptations

Fans of Harlan Coben Netflix shows will be wondering what's on the streaming service as we look at the shows available

Harlan Coben Netflix
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Fans of mystery and thriller writer Harlan Coben are wondering if he has any series on Netflix (opens in new tab) and if so, which ones.

Many streaming platform subscribers love a good thriller or crime mystery like The Staircase (opens in new tab) or Anatomy of a Scandal (opens in new tab) and even The Midwich Cuckoos (opens in new tab) to make the hairs on the back of their neck stand up.

But there's work from one writer that fans are keen to tune in to as we look at how they can watch the TV adaptations of the works of Harlan Coben...

Does Harlan Coben have a series on Netflix?

Yes Harlan Coben has his latest series Hold Tight on Netflix. This was originally released back in April. It is an adaptation of his ninth novel which was written back in 2008. The six-part drama was filmed in Poland and is available to watch with English subtitles.

But if you've already binged watched all the episodes and are looking for some more of his works, then he has plenty of other series available to watch on UK Netflix.

How many Harlan Coben series are on Netflix?

There are currently SEVEN Harlan Coben Netflix series available to stream and these have been available since 2016. Aside from his latest release Hold Tight, fans can tune in to Stay Close, The Stranger, Innocent, Safe, Gone For Good and The Woods. But there will be more offerings from Harlan as he signed a deal with the streaming platform to bring 14 shows to the service, which is good news for fans as there are still seven outstanding.

Simply type in Harlan Coben into the search feature and it will display all his current available shows and you can then add them to your watch 'list'.

What is the next Harlan Coben series on Netflix?

The next Harlan Coben series likely to land on Netflix is not yet known but his Netflix deal covers seven more releases on the platform.

His upcoming series Shelter is currently in pre-production stage but he confirmed it will be streamed on Amazon Prime once complete.

The series follows the story of Mickey Bolitar and his new life with a mom in rehab, a dead father, an annoying aunt, and a new school in New Jersey. He goes through a lot of changes with his dad dead when suddenly an old lady tells him his dad isn't dead while his new friend Ashley goes missing, so Mickey navigates to find out what's going on.

Author, Harlan has a series of gripping TV adaptations of his 33 novels and with it he is earning himself an army of new fans who are only just discovering his material so there's bound to be more Netflix ones in the pipeline.

Harlan has just released two new books Win and The Match, so it's likely that they may feature on the screen in the future.

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Full list of Harlan Coben books:

  • Hold Tight
  • Six Years
  • Deal Breaker
  • Drop Shot
  • Fade Away
  • Back Spin
  • Long Lost
  • Don't Let Go
  • Stay Close
  • The Final Detail
  • Darkest Fear
  • Missing You
  • Promise Me
  • Live Wire
  • No Second Chance
  • Home
  • Caught
  • Shelter
  • Seconds Away
  • Found
  • The Stranger
  • The Boy From the Woods
  • Run Away
  • Play Dead
  • One False Move
  • Miracle Cure
  • Tell No One
  • Gone For Good
  • Just One Look
  • The Innocent
  • The Woods
  • Fool Me Once

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Where can I watch Harlan Coben?

You can watch Harlan Coben shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Amzon Prime has season one of No Second Chance. Apple TV is streaming The Five and it is also available to stream on NOW, Prime Video and iTunes.

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